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How not to remain in the learning phase

Hi, i am a python/javascript developer. I love thrillers and i love fenty beauty products
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When i first started learning how to code, i took tutorials from Bucky Roberts on Youtube, then i went to w3school, freecodecamp, udemy and andela - learning the same stuff.

At first i told myself it was because i really had to understand what i was doing, but i was stuck in the learning phase. I wanted to learn everything and never felt good enough to try out things on my own. Most importantly, i didn't know when to stop learning. I feel much better now that i have broken free from that cycle, but i also feel concerned about other newbies who might be stuck in the same predicament.

So, when did you know it was time to put yourself out there? When did you actively stop learning?

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Bill Pfeiffer

I started programming professionally within a year of realizing that it was something I really loved doing and I had a few university classes under my belt. Having said that I have NEVER stopped learning. It’s part of the job. I always spend some portion of the week trying a new language, technology, platform etc. I think your question is more when do you transition from learning ONLY to doing. I jumped in pretty quick. On the job is where the real learning takes place.