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basicbrogrammer profile image Jeremy Ward 😎🤓 ・1 min read

I have been a dev for ~5 years now. I went from physics major to The Iron Yard bootcamp grad and 1 month later I was a developer. A few weeks ago I realized I didn't have a "portfolio". So, I wanted to find a way to get my thoughts about deving out to the world.

I'm not a great writer (hence physics major :D ) so blogs never really appealed to me, but why not give it a shot. I thought about creating a personal site, but then, I was like "why not just use dev.to + twitter + youtube as my blog?" Seems simple enough. 8)

I'm a Ruby on Rails and EmberJS dev by trade, but over the next few months I'm going to dive into the world of Elixir. Let's see how this journey turns out.

Jeremy aka @basicbrogrammer


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Oh welcome to dev.to and Elixir! Just like you I am a RoR dev but have fallen in love with Elixir :)

Perhaps you could even document your Elixir learning journey as blog posts!

Either way, Elixir is amazing, you're gonna have so much fun :)


Noice! I'm hoping to doc it on dev.to ... Gotta finish moving then I can get heads down 😎


Welcome to DEV!

I'm very fascinated by Elixir even though I haven't actually learned it yet, good luck!


Thanks! In my head (from reading articles) it seems like Phoenix/elixir is the RoR/Ruby combo for the web2.0. Now that the internet has reached scale seems like a great idea for your tools to just automatically be ready for that /shrug


I thought we were beyond Web 2.0 :D

Jokes aside, I understand what you mean, many Rubyists have either migrated to or use Elixir as well. I don't know if it has fulfilled its promise entirely (because despite the nice syntax, it is indeed harder to learn) but I'm a fan of Erlang and the OTP and its concurrency model so I can definitely see the appeal!

Have fun!