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Batuhan Ipci
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palpatine received its first PR

palpatine is now supporting markdown filesπŸŽ‰ It lets you write links in markdown so that when it is rendered into html, the links will be clickable. You can see this in the demo here. This is the initial support of palpatine for markdown files, and we will be adding more features in the future. I appreciate Samina for implementing this feature to address Issue#6 with the following PR respectively.

Discussions on the Pull Request (PR)

During PR, we talked over Slack(like almost every developer) and I enjoyed the process. Slack is a great tool for communication and I highly recommend it. It was not something I used to use often, but I noticed it feels much more convenient than any other tool, it supports large files, and screen recordings to be shared, unlike the other tools with limitations on certain sizes. With Samina, we have shared our screens and discussed the implementation. I am confident that we learned a lot from each other. I also implemented similar markdown support into her tool rwar that supports markdown headings. You can see her demo here. The PR I raised was to address issue#6.

Creating a PR

After you finalize your changes and give a detailed report to the maintainer through the preferred environment (GitHub issues, Slack, etc.), you can create a PR. Follow the steps below to create a PR:

git checkout -b issue-6 # Create a new branch for your work
git add . # Add all the changes you made
git commit -m "Updating x, y, and z based on changes"
git push origin issue-5
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I have been working on the efficiency of the tool and refactoring its readability. I appreciate any feedback on palpatine and also if you missed the first post regarding this project, you can read it here. While this project is something I enjoy wholeheartedly, it is also a project I get grades from. Due to deadlines, quick decisions had to be made, therefore, there is room for improvement.


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