I got all the certificates from FreeCodeCamp! Ask Something or Share Something from/with me

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It happened Today!
While still working for Google Code-in , I was able to complete all the left projects and claim all certificates from FreeCodeCamp including New and Old Ones.
AND after this , i got a thought in mind . . .

If I'm the Youngest One to Claim All Certificates ??

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Congrats! And thanks for the reminder to get back on it. I let my work as a web developer and my side projects take over my time, but I have always wanted to complete all the certs, just so I can say I have. So I'm going to continue and get a few certs done as one of my New Year's Resolutions.


I hope you'll be able to Achieve that soonπŸ‘


Did you do Data Visualization projects just with what they teach you on FreeCodeCamp? I got the third certificate like a month ago and I can't continue because of D3.js, any suggestions?


If you're still struggling with this, check out Shirley Yu's D3 courses on Front End Masters.


Try finding Some tutorial for D3js... Google it, and follow a comfortable article/guide


That's awesome! Congrats! How long did it take you to complete everything? How much time did you spend on it daily?


It's kind of confusing, i did most of the required project long ago (more than 6 months) but 1 or 2 projects were left to be done in each projects, so this week I completed all the projects and claimed all the certificates.

I think for a newcomer , daily 2-3 hour time will be enough


Congratulations! I am using FreeCodeCamp too! Good to see someone go through the entire course. 😏


Excluding the zero cost, is the whole-certification-package the best training material you could get for those areas?


From all of your projects from FreeCodeCamp which one do you feel the most proud of? Also congratulations! I hope one day I'll be able to say the same.


I would say , it's the calculator!πŸ™‚

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