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Bruno Almeida
Bruno Almeida

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How to keep motivation?

Over the past few weeks/months I'm started to be confused and king of unmotivated on how to keep my motivation on things that I'd like to do outside of my daily work at a company.

How do you keep yourself motivated and what king of advice do you have to continue personal projects and always learn new things, and not get out of the ~rails~?

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Once upon a time

Honestly, I think I just pass that period myself. I would say go take a walk. Get out and see the world will give you some answers like why would I want to keep doing what I'm doing? Why am I waking up every morning? And above all, enjoy what you do, not what you think you'd like to do. Now after you reminding me, I'll go take a walk under the beautiful sky of Tokyo about now.

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Antonio Radovcic

The best thing for that is to keep the momentum by working on the thing every day, even if only a little. Also it's important to recognize when a project just doesn't interest you that much after all, and not be afraid to end it. In my life, the hobby-projects that did get finished/not-abandoned are the ones with either a deadline (a wedding-game, an x-mas-game) or enough positive feedback in the beginning by releasing early (

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Luca Fedrizzi

Stupid advice but that could be useful: try to change the place where you work, for example in a bar or a library.

Another is to involve other people :)

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Jose Gonzalez • Edited
  • No motivation or inspiration.
  • Only practice.
  • Enjoy your plateau.
  • You’ll get to the next level when you least expected 🙂