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Writte.io - Can I get your feedback?

bcoelh0 profile image Bruno Coelho ・1 min read

Hey all!

I’m working on a tool for tech/startup writers and would really appreciate your input.

The tool in question is https://www.writte.io/

It’s a publishing tool that will allow writers to submit their publications to Medium, Wordpress, Ghost, Twitter, Linkedin, Hacker News and many other startup related websites. All from a single place and just by pressing one button.

I’m trying to validate if this is an idea that would help writers and something that solves a real problem.

Would love to have your feedback on this! As a writer what do you think? Real problem that needs solving? Just a nice to have that would cut some time off your day? Not a great idea at all?


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Functional Javascript

Great work Bruno.
The presentation of the product looks great.

My tips would be...
Add a video, even if 1 minute, give the elevator pitch and even a quick demo.
I'd offer a freemium plan to get people hooked on its goodness and feel its efficiency, like a max one submission per month.