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Hackoctober recap

Why is Hackoctober ?

To be honest, right in the first place I did not think Hackoctober will be usefull for a rusty programmer like me. But turn out Hackoctober is a welcoming comunity of programmers who willing to put their time and effort to help the newbies to start contributing to the open source world. I think the name "Hackoctober" make a good sense to me where you might not be able to understand the whole project, you might not be able to understand every single line of code but somehow you can contribute to fixing bugs, adding features and start contributing right after you forked and cloned. It did really feel "hacking" !

Upgrade my git workflow and working in big project

I would consider Telescope is a big project, so everytime I working on Telescope I have to do the following to make sure my project is up to date because there might be a merged into upstream master branch every 2 hours

git checkout master
git pull upstream master
git checkout <topic branch>
git rebase master
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Also when changings the docs, I did made a lot of small change then using git rebase -i HEAD~# to squash the small commits together and I can say I'm quite confidence if someone ask me to rebase, squash or rebase cause I have a chance to practice it all during hackoctober

Digging more gold

Every project or issue help the contributors a lot in term of acquiring knowledge by doing. When taking the 3rd PR, I did think it just a snap of my finger to finish it but it did require some reading and I did learn more new stuff such as knowing what is a semver range, updating pakages, etc.... My conclusion will be that you will be able to learn as long as you want to even with the easiest issue !

I would have to say it has been quite an enjoyable ride for me in term of my first Hackoctober but sure will be many more to come !

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