What Are Your Top Three Conference Talks?

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I start off with these masterpieces:

What are yours?

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I think Sandi Metz always kills it:

All the Little Things - Sandi Metz

Same with Maciej Ceglowski

Haunted by Data - Maciej Ceglowski

And Scott Hanselman, of course

It's not what you read, it's what you ignore - Scott Hanselman

I picked three speakers that come to mind. I like all their talks so I'm not sure I picked the best ones.


I have learned so much from so many talks. A couple of my favorites that influenced me regarding functional programming.

On the latter, I originally read the blog posts first. Here and here.


There are so many good talks.

I choose the following three because they're general enough and I think that adopting the principles they describe could really make the difference

Greg Young - The art of destroying software
Sebastian Markbage: Minimal API Surface Area
Dan North - Software, faster

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