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Sebastian Stüwe
Sebastian Stüwe

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Water down the mill (#2)

Water is amazing, isn't it? I am a hobby gardener and I love ag-tech, so naturally I love water. Last week, things were going fairly well - I felt driven by motivation, like water down the mill! I learned about the model-view-controller pattern and applied it to a learning program (which does nothing but illustrate its use! ;) and then to a card game I am developing using JavaScript. I continued to help out on FCC and repotted lots of plants, also laid a brick terrace in my garden.

Daily summaries:

  • Friday: fail, step back, understand, restart (5:50h)
  • Saturday: dive into mvc design, help out on FCC (4:30h)
  • Sunday: completed mvc-test and designed and half-implemented mvc pattern for card game (9:30h)
  • Monday: tracing errors, and thinking! (2:00)
  • Tuesday: working prototype! (4:20)
  • Wednesday: problems again... (3:40)
  • Thursday: flash! prototype working again (1:50)
last week's total: 223 hours
this week: 31:30 hours
new total: 254:30 hours
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Fire is good, coolness is better.

I have spent about 25h on the first version of my card game without achieving anything substantial, and worst of all creating chaos-code that became increasingly harder to maintain. I failed. So I stepped back and restructured my approach and started over. After 4h I had reached the same functionality I had in version 1 after 25h - and a code base that was much cleaner and easier to maintain. What do I make of it? Plan thoroughly before coding!

And your week?

Was your river running freely or obscured by obstacles? What did you do to overcome them? What is your latest discovery, core insight, new thought you discovered last week?

photo by Boudewijn Huysmans on unsplash.

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