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Sebastian Stüwe
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Ye who teacheth learneth (#3)

Steady, not fast - this is how I'm moving. Here's the latest update of lessons learnt during my weekly coding hours!


If you know yourself and know how to learn, you can achieve great things. But it is not the best way to get to the centre of something. A much better way is to teach! If you have already achieved some slight proficiency, why not help out at one of the many learner sites? Give helpful advice and guide learners to places where they can grow. Some possible ideas:

  • Help here at
  • Help at other learner-sites, e.g. FreeCodeCamp
  • Plan and conduct a beginners html class for old folks or young people at a local school, community centre, etc.
  • Ask local middle schools if you could run a web club
  • Look for a young person to assist with his/her studies
  • Buddy up! Look for a learning partner and divide the next activities among yourselves. Then explain your part to your buddy (and vice versa). (This is the strategy that pulled Canada out of a dark pit of low-performing school graduates many decades ago.)

Not good enough to assist others?

I don't believe you one bit. It's about the right attitude. Take questions as a challenge - even if you don't know the full answer yet, try to find a solution or contribute. Yes, there are lots of great coders out there. So what. You are you. Go out there and face it!

Real-world projects

I received good advice on to stop tutorial porn and start with real projects. A good friend of mine asked me to develop a tiny app for him. Yeah! This has kickstarted a lot of learning again. He is operating a small clinic, and he needs an online-booking form that he can view at the clinic and prepare files for the next patients. Have a look at the code and give me your best critical comments!

Stats update

  • Friday: mainly helping out and learning along; some minor corrections on my card game (3:00)
  • Saturday: busy with the family - only small steps (1:20)
  • Sunday: progress and lots of learning! started a real-world-project (6:20)
  • Monday: chores, chores, chores... css-styling and sketching. (5:40)
  • Tuesday: life affairs... just a bit of cleanup (1:20)
  • Wednesday: quite a productive day... lots of DOM manipulation and SQL requests, refreshing old php-memories (10:20)
  • Thursday: stupid error tracking... makes me wish I had spent more time planning and writing it down! (5:30)
life total: 254:30 hours
this week: 33:30 hours
new total: 288:00 hours
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What about you?

Are you still doing exercises and coding riddles, or are you already helping out? If not, where could you start? Share your experiences!

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