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This week in DevRel: Projects Coming Alive

Another week in the Technical Community Builder Life and a lot of work saw the light of day this week. Here are some of the main tasks I worked on:

Blog post

I drafted my blog Machine Learning for Front-end Developers: Get Started with TensorFlow.js a couple of weeks ago, and then made updates based on an SEO review and a DevRel. As part of this process, I also requested artwork, posted it on the Deepgram Blog, cross-posted to Dev, and then created social media posts for sharing my blog post.


We did a soft launch of our forum that's powered by GitHub discussions. As part of this soft launch, I discovered that we can only have 10 categories, and then I internally cried and had to rethink some of what I have planned. I also met with a few teams within Deepgram to discuss how we can utilize the forums to support each other. As part of this soft-launch, we had our first Community Spotlight on a familiar face around these Dev blog posts: Madza. Y'all should go over and say hi in our intro thread! We're giving away a $100 Amazon gift card to a person posted in our forum.

Twitter Space

I got to sit down with Madza this week in a Twitter Space to talk about Hackathons. Unfortunately, the audio made it a little difficult to hear, but we were still able to capture some really important information on how to approach hackathons.

Community Strategy

I'm super stoked about having a Community space with our forum, because it creates a centralized space for our Community. As part of that, I'm working on how to support different community members, whether a web developer, university student, python developer, or SaaS founder. Understanding your members is a key part of developing a strategy for engaging, supporting, and filling a need for them.

Next week I'll be at MagnoliaJS- you can still grab tickets! - so I loaded my week with a lot of prep work to be able to keep up with my day-to-day community work while still being able to speak at and attend the conference. Let me know if you'll be there!

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Julia ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿปโ€๐Ÿ’ป

Thanks for sharing your insights on a devrel position.

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You're welcome! Hoping to keep on with these posts.