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ASMR Coding React App | No Talk - Jazz and Rain

React is great!

I'm not one of those who use React because it's released by Facebook, no, I like React because of its ultimate power and that's easy to learn, and not just because there are a great number of easy-to-understand tutorials available on the internet but mainly because it's a very simple library.

Unlike "Angular", it's not a complex tool. The learning process becomes easier when you have great JavaScript skills. Although I like React, I sill think that "Vue" is easier to grasp, especially for those who know HTML/CSS/JS and had never worked with frontend frameworks before.

This is a React.js application, coded from scratch in silence on a Saturday morning in a Starbucks café in the beautiful city of Lodz, Poland; it was pouring outside, and I was sitting alone with my coffee writing this app, and I did not want to talk just wanted to code in silence and if you're a beginner - intermediate, you can code along with me or you can leave it turned on while doing your own stuff if you wish.

The idea of this application is based on "unsplash" website's API, there is a developers' corner where you can create your own app and generate you access key, which will be useful in fetching the data from the API and return back the picture you search for in your application.

Prerequisites just a solid foundation in JavaScript [ especially ES2015, commonly known as ES6 ], plus basic understanding of React library (or framework if you like) and you can code along with me (and don't forget your coffee ☕😃)

Here's the video:

Hope you enjoy it - if you like that kind of videos

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Shadid Haque

this is really cool. What's the terminal setting you are using

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Bek Brace

Thank you Shadid :)
It's the latest Powershell, if you're Windows user you can download it from Microsoft store; and then you will need to set it up.
To set it up as mine, here's a link:
where you can find a video and another guide link to customize it.