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Full-Stack App Django and React

Let us create a full-stack web application using Django Framework for Python and ReactJS , the famous Facebook library for UI ( everybody calls it a framework, but I'm sticking to the correct definition, you can call me a Nerd 🤓 )

This is a very simple CRUD app for tasks management (fancy name for a TODO app ); even though you will learn a lot if you will follow along in the tutorial, we are designing the backend side first with Django, creating the database model, then REST API and this is all for backend side.

As far as the frontend, we will create the user interface with React then we will connect both React and Django using Axios which is used to send requests from the client to the server, and to send back responds from the server to the client.

This should be fun, and I promise you will learn a ton of stuff if you're a beginner to intermediate level programmer; but if you're above intermediate I don't think you will enjoy this video as this will be old news for you, but who knows maybe !

Github Code :
Website :

That's about it, so thanks guys for reading, and probably for watching 😎.
Stay safe and be well, friends.
Peace out 👋

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Nice demo

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Bek Brace

Thank you, fellow dev