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Learn KOTLIN in 25 minutes

The first time I heard about Kotlin, I thought it's the Russian island west of Saint-Petersburg , but then one of my fellow programmers corrected me and said "No dummy , it's the best language today -this was in December 2019 - a month before COVID!!- to develop android apps"!

Hello guys, my name is Amir Bekhit aka Bek Brace, and I am so glad I started blogging again on and this time I am going to talk a little bit about Kotlin programming language.

Kotlin - which ironically named after the Kotlin island in Russia - is a general purpose statically typed language that has become extremely popular in the last few years, designed quite simply as a better alternative to java like java it compiles to bytecode that runs on the java virtual machine but kotlin provides a more concise syntax and language features.

Out of 7.3 billion smartphones world wide, kotlin now is widely used for android development
to write apps for the 2.5 billion devices running the android operating system.

Kotlin has been created in 2011 by JetBrains company, which is very well known for its IDEs such as IntelliJ, Pycharm and Datagrip; and the first stable release was in 2016; and in 2019 Google
has named Kotlin The Preferred Language for Android Development over Java.

To write Kotlin code, you will need to use intellij which you can download for free >
There is another way to write Kotlin on VScode, but quite honestly I don't recommend using another text editor other than IntelliJ, come on it's produced by JetBrains which has invented Kotlin!

I have a 25 minutes video, feel free to check it out and let me know your thoughts about the language if you have worked before with it, or if you have long experience with the language, what are the pros and cons of Kotlin from your stand point of view ?

Thank you for reading - and watching maybe

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Ajinkya Borade

Hi, I recently started learning Libgdx, new to Java world. But also started learning it with Kotlin. Do you it has any scope in gaming ? Also I work as full time Javascript dev.

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Bek Brace

You can of course design 2D games with Kotlin, but if you are serious about game design and creation, then I recommend you Rust / C++ for game development.

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Ajinkya Borade • Edited

I previously used Rust + Bevy not extensively, but just for 1 simple hobby project. Rust is amazing.
The only reason Im using Kotlin is it will be beneficial for my web development career and along the way I can learn game-dev.

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Bek Brace

Great strategy !
My favorite language is still Python and now I fell in love with Rust.
I want also explore Go lang - have you ever worked with it ?

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