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Python 8 Important Concepts to learn

A lot of us are caught in learning the frameworks and newest techs, but actually we forgot how to code in the language itself.
Python like JavaScript like any other language, you need to learn ES6 and core vanilla JavaScript before you start learning React and Angular; same with Python, don't jump on Django, Flask or Tornado without understanding what is list comprehension, what are mutable and immutable data types, generators, **kwargs, *args, Asyncio, iterators, decorators, memory references or lambda functions !!

I recently had a Tech interview and I discovered that I miss a lot of the core concepts of the language, however I know how to run Django Admin site, write SQLite queries for a Django project and deploy an app to Heroku !

My advise, especially to the young who just started their programming journey, learn how to walk first before you run; otherwise you will be very confused and probably would hate to program and might even change your career to be a fisherman instead!

Check out this video, and let me know about other concepts that you would be interested to learn.

Thank You and Happy Learning.

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