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Using a 10 years old Acer for code testing [🐧]

Hey DEV Coders and engineers 👋

It was a Saturday morning, despite the fact that we are in July, it was raining that day ☔, I went to a coffee shop to do some modifications on the FARM stack course that I have published last year.
FARM stack course:

Originally, I wanted to change React for Vue, for one simple reason: I tend to like Vue more, this doesn't mean I hate React, I like React but something about Vue that catches me, the state management and the routing system is much easier to handle in Vue than in React / faster I'd add.

But what happened is that I decided just to change MongoDB with PostgreSQL.

To be honest, I wouldn't have done it without the Penguin 🐧, I can't imagine working on a Core i5 processor with 8 GB of Ram using Windows 10, not to mention that it's impossible to work on Windows 11.
p.s. I've never been a Mac guy, although I own a very old one that I bought in 2009 !

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I use Ubuntu, nothing fancy.
But before that I had Kali installed on my machine; and let me tell you that I've been so much criticized for using Kali to create SAPs with React or Vue, but the truth is I am learning Cyber security and pen testing, that's why this machine was always available, but I lately have installed Ubuntu, just to not be morally disturbed!

Do you have a favorite laptop / PC that you feel it has certain connection with you ? somehow with the years, you two have established this connection of mutual understanding and agreed upon an invisible pact of productivity ? hehe, well this is Antoshka, or my Acer that I bought in 2012 in Moscow, Russia!

Tell me about your machine(s) and your sense of connectivity to your computer(s)

Also, coffee is one of the essential elements that I cannot live without especially when I am programming or re-factoring an old code.

Thank you guys and have a fantastic day !

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