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A Beginner's first PR with Accessibility

I'm organizing a project to help beginners make accessibility focused changes to websites during Hacktoberfest and beyond. These projects can be as simple as possible (yes, that calculator app) and we're willing to guide them through the whole process.

Join Me.. How to Participate

1. Help me find issues and sites to be worked on
Join me surf GitHub and the net for projects that need changes. If you have a website/project that is open source, I'd be willing to run an accessibility audit on it. Note that complex issues are also welcome.

2. Contribute
From October 1, I'd be updating here, on Twitter and a Slack Workspace I created for this purpose (Link below) with the issues found. Feel free to jump in and you also get to meet others.

3. Teach/Share resources
To make this as beginner friendly as possible, there will be teachings to guide you through using Git/GitHub and basic accessibility changes most websites ignore.
If you also have an article or website that is accessibility focused, I'd love to have them.

Slack Invite
Twitter: @definebell

This is actually my first post here. Amazing what passion can do.
I love suggestions and collaborations so fire them all at me.

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Bell Omuboye

You are welcome and I am real glad.