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Product management. After 10 years of building software & writing code, I'm pretty sure that what I've always wanted to do was deliver a great product and experience to users. I just didn't feel comfortable deciding what to make if I couldn't understand how it was built.

The recent trend of data-driven product decisions has me captivated, and reinforces my interest for this career path.


I program right now, I'd like to get into molecular biology (I'm using that term to encompass the swath of fascinating domains around it, as well). It's super unobvious how to do this, though. What's cool about programming is you can sort of just go do it, harder for Bio. I did sign up for a 5 month school, but the logistics fell through (very disappointing).


I switched from software development in industry (Amazon Machine Learning Scientist) to scientific software in an academic environment (research engineer at NYU) to teaching at university (lecturer in Data Science at Columbia) within 3 years. That's enough switching for now, I think.


Hi. I would like to change my career path from telecom to software industry. The main reason is that I encounter some constraints that slows down innovation, is hard to built custom solutions because the current proprietary nature of the network equipment vendors. As a developer surely I would have more freedoms and be more exposed to challenging problems. Sometimes I'm worrying to see how the software industry are gaining more space while telecom seem stagnant.


C Developer to Devops. πŸ˜‰

Because I can easily understand this, but I have no idea what's going on with this.


Software Development Manager to Programmer :)

Trying to go back to my first love, Programming.


10yrs in sales, trying to break into the development world.


Nice! Exciting times. Your experience from the sales career will pay off by adding a different perspective to problems that career devs might not see.


From an in-office resource to a remote, plug-and-play one. I think offices are highly inefficient and meetings should be minimized to the point of extinction.


1) From development to management.
2) From web/front/backend development to machine learning.
3) From web/front/backend development to low level development.

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