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Can you guess what the most popular search term on is so far this year?

ben profile image Ben Halpern twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

Please only make one guess per comment. Once I reply to you with yes or no, you can guess more. I'll ignore comments that don't follow that rule.

Let's see who guesses it. 😊

Edit: We have a winner:


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"Laravel -- The Return of PHP"

That's either a title for an epic-type heroic sequel or a horror movie, depending on how you feel about PHP.



I mean if this is coming back, oooook... ;))

Laravel, php - Worldwide, 2004 - present -


Gosh, Well played. Laravel is not that popular here in France.


barely heard about it... Guess this will put it even more apart from other terms :))

Well, I never saw a mid/large Laravel application in production yet. I'm not "very found of" static accessors to define routes and middlewares but I bet (hope) this framework can be used in some other way.

Awhile back I noticed their testing framework relies on composing data fixtures. It's a really cool idea I'm glad is getting some attention, I'd done it myself for some applications but hadn't seen it implemented in a framework yet.


wonder how PHP is doing tho, cause google search trends are going down for it...


Laravel has been gaining popularity in Mexico in the last two years. There are more and more devs, as Laravel is PHP dev well done


hmm, interesting, I do know a number of Laravel devs here in Ghana and in Nigeria as well.


Hint: Here is this technology's Google search trend over time.

I'd also say: This technology is not as universally popular as some others, but mainstream enough that a dedicated pocket could tilt the scales on our site. And I've definitely noticed a fair amount of users of this tech on


I'll also add that, while this tech is always top 15-20, its position at number 1 for this time period is kind of an outlier.


Guesses are closer after this hint. I was surprised by this answer, though as I mentioned, it's always fairly popular.


I think you searched the wrong thing haha.

laraval vs laravel (correct spelling)


Whoops, spelled it wrong in the edit. It's spelled correctly in the analytics.


With the search term know.. @ben did you make a bot to reply Nope's are did you have a free evening :P


Whao I am a Laravel Developer from Pakistan and from the past three weeks I've been seriously considering of moving to either Ruby on Rails or Python.

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