Can you guess what the most popular search term on is so far this year?

Please only make one guess per comment. Once I reply to you with yes or no, you can guess more. I'll ignore comments that don't follow that rule.

Let's see who guesses it. 😊

Edit: We have a winner:


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"Laravel -- The Return of PHP"

That's either a title for an epic-type heroic sequel or a horror movie, depending on how you feel about PHP.


I mean if this is coming back, oooook... ;))

Laravel, php - Worldwide, 2004 - present -

Gosh, Well played. Laravel is not that popular here in France.

barely heard about it... Guess this will put it even more apart from other terms :))

Well, I never saw a mid/large Laravel application in production yet. I'm not "very found of" static accessors to define routes and middlewares but I bet (hope) this framework can be used in some other way.

Awhile back I noticed their testing framework relies on composing data fixtures. It's a really cool idea I'm glad is getting some attention, I'd done it myself for some applications but hadn't seen it implemented in a framework yet.

Laravel has been gaining popularity in Mexico in the last two years. There are more and more devs, as Laravel is PHP dev well done

hmm, interesting, I do know a number of Laravel devs here in Ghana and in Nigeria as well.

wonder how PHP is doing tho, cause google search trends are going down for it...

I was just about to say it! Well done! 👏

Hint: Here is this technology's Google search trend over time.

I'd also say: This technology is not as universally popular as some others, but mainstream enough that a dedicated pocket could tilt the scales on our site. And I've definitely noticed a fair amount of users of this tech on

I'll also add that, while this tech is always top 15-20, its position at number 1 for this time period is kind of an outlier.

Another hint: It's a web framework.

Guesses are closer after this hint. I was surprised by this answer, though as I mentioned, it's always fairly popular.

I think you searched the wrong thing haha.

laraval vs laravel (correct spelling)

Whoops, spelled it wrong in the edit. It's spelled correctly in the analytics.

I honestly thought it was Js or python

Whao I am a Laravel Developer from Pakistan and from the past three weeks I've been seriously considering of moving to either Ruby on Rails or Python.

With the search term know.. @ben did you make a bot to reply Nope's are did you have a free evening :P

After a long day it was a fun break.

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