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We had the thought of making short "changelog" sort of posts when we push changes that affect the user experience. This is the first of those.

You can now search people and filter your search results. It doesn't have every feature imaginable yet and we don't have Google-level search quality yet, but there's a lot of value here. I personally use our internal search a lot, so I was motivated to improve it.

As you can see, the default view shows a variety of result types.

If I'm looking for some git rebase tips I might search the term and get some quick answers.

If I want to go deeper into the associated discussions, I might hop over to the podcasts tab.

Filters are not yet "in view" on mobile, but we'll soon add the sidebar functionality similar to what's now on the home page of mobile. I hope you like it. It's v0, but search is better today than it was yesterday.

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Have you considered using an external tool or a special page for a Changelog?

I'm curious to understand because having this stream of changelog using a tag looks very convenient, but I lack of this functionality on my projects


We may create an "official" changelog, but this is sort of more of a place to give casual heads up about changes within the app.


Disappointed that your "ben" search query didn't show me in the top results. πŸ˜‰


If you catch up to me on posts/comments/followers and all the other metrics we track, the spot is all yours πŸ˜„


Yes mobile please. Ever since I realised dev.to is a PWA, I've been coming here on my phone multiple times a day.


Agree mobile is perfect and I love how easy the interface is to read on mobile. Things feel just the right size and the font styling makes it easy to walk while reading posts.


Hi Ben, I can't find a way on how to sort the search result by posting date?