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Discussion on: Unpopular opinions

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Ben Halpern

Inelegant software which has a huge following and a big ecosystem is often better than objectively cleaner, better software.

The reverse is also true if the pendulum swings too far in the other direction.

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Andreas Møller

Inelegant software is usually elegant software adopted for real world use

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Arthur Vincent Simon

Yup, support is really very important that it almost trumps everything else.

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Jesse Phillips

This is true and I'm part of the problem. I've been thinking about all the suboptimal systems I've learning over the years and how it could be good to move to something more clear or consistent.

I'm not known to conform to how things are done or avoid new things. But like so many before me I have learned these old systems and we can't move past because we have so much knowledge and documentation in the old.

If someone chooses a different system, I'm not there to help, I will fall back to the system I know. I also can't make a good recommendation on what to move to.

However I am also not left behind. Docker is heavily reliant on the concepts of the past. It didn't take much for me to handle because I know bash and the supporting concepts of git.

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Matt Waler

cough Svelte vs. React right now cough

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Syed Faraaz Ahmad

I relate to this so much! Devs love to hate on Rails so much. I just can't imagine a better tool to make something with ease in a small amount of time

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Sigit Prayoga

For me, it is PHP who I love to hate. But again, many developers and organizations have achieved more using PHP.

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Ben Lovy

I'm just starting to use rails and I'm a little bit mad at myself for not doing so earlier. At least at the very outset it's hard to understand why I'd use anything else, everything just works.

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Belhassen Chelbi Author

I'm mad that I didn't learn it earlier too. But actually, even now I didn't, commited to django, which is kinda of a similar mindset behind the two of them. Love DHH too haha