How's your Hacktoberfest progress?

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・1 min read

I hadn't been paying attention, but Hacktoberfest was really easy for me πŸ™ƒ

How are you doing?


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Richard Burk

Alt text of image

I'm really happy with my first completed hacktoberfest 😊

PS: It's also my first time contributing to OSS projects πŸ€™

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Really? I've been dying to contribute on GitHub, but I can't seem to find anything for my basic-intermediate HTML and CSS skills. How did you contribute?

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Richard Burk

You can check all HTML related issues for hacktoberfest here.

For CSS, you can check it here.

Hope that I can help on your first HTML and CSS contrib :)

How did you contribute?

  • I just look for beginner-friendly tag or look for something interesting that suits on my experience
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Thanks for the advice, I actually contributed to some stuff, yay!

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ItsASine (Kayla)

nil :)

Hacktoberfest contribution

I've either been doing homework, reading my backlog of articles here, or tinkering on Gitlab, which is not Github PRs. And they say to do a bunch of different stuff, rather than making minor tweaks of the same variety, so I'm probably going to have to bow out of it this month to focus on other stuff.

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Arun Sathiya

Just curious if Gitlab also has some sort of Hacktoberfest program? πŸ€”

itsasine profile image
ItsASine (Kayla)

Not that I'm aware of :( They don't have as big of a community aspect like Github. They try, but it doesn't stick. The big appeal there is the CI integrations and free private repos.

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Carly Ho 🌈

I have a bunch of my projects open-sourced, so admittedly it was pretty easy for me to get 5 PRs in. My next step, though, is setting up one of those projects such that other people can contribute to it easily, since it’s now at MVP status.

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Lea Reimann πŸ¦„

Or you could contribute to github.com/firstcontributions/firs... and/or spread the word :)

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Sung M. Kim

11/5 but it's more like 4/5 as 8 Contributions to thechangelog/show-notes is more like 1 PR...

hacktoberfest progress

But the learning experience has been wonderful so far

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Stacy Montemayor

I did some show notes for the Change Log too! I'd like to do more maybe next week, but yeah, not exactly difficult. But, it was my first PR ever and was a great intro.

I'm not proficient enough in any language to really work on meaningful issues. But I found a great project to help on. Basically, I'm doing really repetitive and boring data cleaning of election results - getting data from PDFs and convoluted .xls into .csv's. But, since I have an interest in software engineering, data, and the media, I see it as a Mr. Miyagi type of exercise. I'm being exposed to all sorts of problems developers could face with public datasets. So, overall, πŸ‘

dance2die profile image
Sung M. Kim

I did some show notes for the Change Log too!

Wow, 🀩 you really went the extra miles and added timestamps as wellπŸ‘.

it was my first PR ever and was a great intro.

I do agree with you that it was a good first PR to make as it helps to focus on OSS contribution process instead of worry about how code should work & formatted, etc.

I'm doing really repetitive and boring data cleaning of election results - getting data from PDFs and convoluted .xls into .csv's

I am sure you will be an automation ninja and find a lazy way to accomplish it πŸ˜‰.

And I hope you can share the process as you learn along πŸ˜„.

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Stacy Montemayor

I am so looking forward to learning all the lazy ways to extract data. I need more python right now, but soon - very soon - I'm excited to learn about scraping!

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Alessandro Pischedda

Very well. I've done 5 PR in the first 5 days of October and I'm still searching new issue to solve.
My idea is to use this challenge to do PR to not my repositories but contribute (even if it is the smallest one) to other projects.
I've admit that some of the PR that I've done is a very simple fix on some telegam bot (probably a bot done during a course , they are similar) but the war to get some issue is very intense when you're looking only on external projects :).

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Ali Spittel

Ali Spittel five Hacktoberfest pull requests I'm at five none of these were super meaningful PR's though. I did them mostly just to get the projects setup on my computer. That being said all my personal stuff is open source and my contributions are a lot more meaningful there but I just push to them rather than PR-ing. I'm going to definitely make more as the month continues :)

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Prashant Chaudhari

I made total 3 PR till now. All of them are like answering a particular topic and Improving CONTRIBUTING.md file etc. I am hoping i can find a good issue in which i can write some actually good code. But anyway those were my first PR, so i am quite happy. At first I was kind a afraid of what if I don't write and good answer, What if some things are incorrect. But everyone is so helpful and I am enjoying it.

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Omkar Manjrekar

You can look for TheAlgorithms/Java.

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Prashant Chaudhari

I kind of forgot JAVA. I used it back in college but now it's all about JavaScript. :)

So, I am looking for JavaScript Projects.

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Juan F Gonzalez

This my situation exactly, used Java a lot in college but I'm personally more into JS. That's where is at.

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Erik Nelson

Haven't made much progress so far, I've been trying to identify projects that would be good targets for me for Hacktoberfest. I'm also trying to kill multiple birds with one stone and contribute to projects that have contribution rewards (Gatsby gives you a discount on swag and any contributions to a Microsoft open source project during Hacktoberfest will net you a t-shirt). Traveling for work hasn't been conducive to getting this stuff done either.

juanfrank77 profile image
Juan F Gonzalez

I have to say that this week I've been able to get a grip in those contributions. I've already exceeded the 5 PR limit and that motivates me, even more, to continue on the rest of the month (whenever I get some time)

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JavaScript Joel

joelnets Hacktoberfest progress

Lemon Squeezy!

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Tanya Mott

I managed to complete the Hacktoberfest challenge on Oct 3rd and right now I have 13 PR's. It's my first Hacktoberfest and first time contributing to open source projects on GitHub but now I am hooked!

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Sean Callaway

Still working on it. Just forked another project to fix an issue. I'm trying to work on projects that don't belong to me first, but....


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Johnny Reina

I think I'm barely scraping by, but I am happy to announce that I was able to get several folks to make their first PR to a few of my repos. They seem to really enjoy the project so hopefully I can bake up some similarly silly ideas going forward and for future hackathons. Aside from my excitement at working with first-time contributors, I have learned a lot from managing these projects.

jreina / ShittyLINQ

The shitty version of LINQ.


The shitty version of the LINQ-to-objects Enumerable extension methods for .NET Core.

Bless Build status

What this is

A collection of extension methods for IEnumerable<T>
This code that was authored while talking about how functions work and what map, filter and foldl do.
These are not meant to be used by anyone ever.
This assembly has no dependencies other than Generic Collections.

What this is not

What's up with the name?

Earlier today I found out that NPM packages have a ton of Easter eggs and I laughed pretty hard about that.
This project was originally called ThingsThatArentAggregate_WithAggregate, and ShittyLINQ sounded better when the time came to release this masterpiece.



jreina / ShittyLINQ.js

The shitty version of LINQ in JavaScript.


The shitty version of the C# LINQ-to-objects Enumerable extension methods for JavaScript.

Blesscode style: prettier

What this is

A function which, when called, adds a bunch of methods mirroring the System.Linq namespace from C#.

What this is not

What's up with the name?

This project is based on the ShittyLINQ .NET package.



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Mohamed Khaled Yousef

My sticker is happy

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Glenn Carremans

Currently I have 4 PR's, 2 of them are just README.md fixes but the 2 other are improvements/features to the code. I already have an idea what my next PR will be to complete the Hacktoberfest requirement, but want to do at least 2 extra because I personally don't feel that README.md changes are "real" PR's.

One of them is an improvement to TonsilText, I saw the project because of Isaac his graveyard post and for some reason I wanted to contribute to it. I improved the auto text formatting, my next PR will also be for this project and it will be a great improvement (I hope).

I also made a PR for cdnjs, I added SRI copy option to the search results. This was my first time working on a Node.js project.

cdnjs / new-website

πŸ–₯ CDNJS website and api server


Website of cdnjs.com, for the cdn content, see cdnjs/cdnjs repo.

Dependency Status Issue Stats Issue Stats



cd path/to/repo
npm install


npm install                 # install nodejs dependencies
export APP=[mainSite|api]   # chose which server you want to run
export LOCAL=true           # local mode will disable the global.gc() function and CSP header


  • The artifacts/meta data is on the meta branch.

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Dave Jacoby

Perl.com editorial submission is on Github, so I have one article (too long) PRd and needing a rewrite, one promised but not started, and one one-letter proofread I PRd because hey, I already have it forked. :shrug:

So, 2.5/5 done.

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Hunter Drum

I managed to get 7/5, unfortunately only one was for an Android project that I found, the other 6 are pull requests that I did from my own project.

I do plan on doing 4 pull requests more this month to make up for somewhat (as it isn't against the rules) cheating

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Ross Henderson

As a complete beginner to GitHub and with my main language being PL/SQL and stack being Oracle Application Express, it's not easy for me to find stuff to contribute to.

But considering I didn't contribute anything at all last year, this is an improvement :)

ScottishRoss Hacktoberfest

adnanrahic profile image
Adnan Rahić

I've been spending waaaaaay too much time on organizing the local event than actually writing some code and opening pull requests.

Anyhow... if you're in the Sarajevo neighborhood in the end of October, feel free to drop by. :)

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Corbin Taylor

Update to my progress:

4/4. Three to a JS eslint plugin project that I'm having some fun adding to and fixing issues, and one where I was converting Python 2 to 3 for a 30 Days of Code Repository.

I've done 6 PRs in total, but two of my PRs were marked as invalid as they were to repositories of algorithm and data structures (though, I added in a couple hundred lines of code to those and I did it from scratch with tests). Fair enough. Still was fun to code up graph search algorithms from scratch just to brush up, and because they are my favorite algorithms.

I'm having fun with Hacktoberfest, this being my first time participating, and I plan to put in more PRs by the end of the month. Perhaps I can get to 10 with my busy schedule =)

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Brian Greig

Crushed it

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Jean-Christophe Helary

Sorry if I missed something, but what is hacktoberfest ? :)

pandaa880 profile image
Prashant Chaudhari

It is a month long event hosted by GitHub and DigitalOcean, to encourage people to contribute to open source software.

It starts every year on October and you can participate till the end of the October. If you successfully make 5 pull requests on any GitHub public project, you will get a hacktoberfest t shirt when this event ends.

You can learn more on their site

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yechielk profile image
Yechiel Kalmenson

Where do you see your progress? I can't find it anywhere on the Hacktoberfest website... πŸ˜•

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Sung M. Kim

If you have registered on Digital Ocean's Hacktoberfest homepage,
you should see Check Your Progress button after logging in.

If not, try https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/stats/<github_id>

dotnetcoreblog profile image

I'm holding out for a Microsoft issue, but I doubt I'll get one that I feel that I can contribute anything to.

shanalikhan profile image
Shan Khan

Here is my repository. Feel free to contribute and send me a PR

  1. Contribution guide lines (Contributing.md)
  2. Read Me

shanalikhan / code-settings-sync

🌴πŸ’ͺ Synchronize your Visual Studio Code Settings Across Multiple Machines using Github GIST πŸ’ͺ🌴

Settings Sync Tweet

Previously known as Visual Studio Code Settings Sync

Version Travis Greenkeeper badge Follow


Type Sync in command Palette in order to view all commands.

Key Features

1. Use your GitHub account token and Gist
2. Easy to Upload and Download on one click
3. Show a summary page at the end with details about config and extensions effected
4. Auto download Latest Settings on Startup.
5. Auto upload Settings on file change.
6. Share the Gist with other users and let them download your settings.
7. Supports GitHub Enterprise

It Syncs

All extensions and complete User Folder that Contains
1. Settings File
2. Keybinding File
3. Launch File
4. Snippets Folder
5. VSCode Extensions & Extensions Configurations
6. Workspaces Folder


1. Upload Key : Shift + Alt + U
2. Download Key : Shift + Alt + D

Steps To Get a Personal Access Token from GitHub

This extension requires a Personal…

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Enzo Lizama Paredes

I really like this, I think I will continue contributing to the future.

enzoftware hacktoberfest

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kylegalbraith profile image
Kyle Galbraith

It flies by when you have a top open source project like the incredible dev.to on GitHub ;). Knocked mine out earlier this week as well.

peiche profile image

Just there :)

Paul Eiche's Hacktober progress showing 5/5

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Arit Amana

@ben HOW do you get that cool Hacktoberfest graphic on your profile?