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Ben Halpern for The DEV Team

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Hacktoberfest is here — and this is the lowdown

Hacktoberfest has become a staple in open source. It's an annual tradition loved by many (and it's not for everyone, that's fine).

But here is the deal:

  • Everyone is welcome
  • Quantity is fun, but quality is key
  • Short-term action, Long-term impact

These are values we can get behind at DEV.

In terms of the challenge itself, follow the rules, and make enough valid pull requests this month, and claim some really fun and unique prizes from DigitalOcean.

Here are the full participation rules

This year, as DEV members participate, here is what to know:

Post under the #hacktoberfest tag on DEV.

Whether you are elevating a project, or walking through your successes, you are welcome to post here on DEV.

Post under the #hacktoberfest tag on CodeNewbie.

Yes, there is another Forem community that might even be better than DEV to post to — one just for newbies. Join if you haven't yet!

Get your DEV badge if you complete the Hacktoberfest challenge!

Yes, we have dedicated profile badges on DEV for completing the Hacktoberfest challenge.

Here is my 2019 Hacktoberfest badge on my profile:


If you complete the challenge, you'll get a code you can redeem with us to claim your badge. This is totally optional, and up to you.

Have fun!

Happy contributing! 🕊

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Jean-Michel (
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Michalis Papamichael • Edited

Read the article. As a new contributor that was really informative and encouraging. Thanks a lot.

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Jean-Michel (

Do you know what to do next?

Thread Thread
michalispapamichael profile image
Michalis Papamichael • Edited

Personally I would go with that flow:
1) pick a project that I like
2) explore it and learn/understand how it works (review the codebase)
3) discuss my suggestion and opinions in open issues with the maintainers( as said in your article)
4) if all of the above goes well, start programing

Thread Thread
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Jean-Michel ( • Edited

ok, then your next step is to pick the project you like.
Good luck

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Chris Jarvis

Signed up and looking for some issues.

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Thomas Bnt


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Mahmoud Harmouch

So Much Energy

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Nick Taylor

A crab dancing

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Nicklas Gellner • Edited

Looking for cool Hacktober projects to contribute to, then check out the Medusa Hackathon with hoodies, tees, totes and a chance to win $1,500 for all participants!

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Michael Tharrington

Awwww yayeah! It's here. 🎃

By the way, if anybody has any posts OR people that they'd like to recommend reading for info on open source maintaining OR contributing, please drop'em in @erinposting's recent post here:

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Mia Moore

Happy Hacktoberfest! This is my first year participating as a contributor, and I'm also helping organize Camunda's Hacktoberfest event!

Read more about contributing to Camunda repos, helping us plant trees where they're needed most, and earning a sweet, exclusive t-shirt!

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Piyush Acharya

With Hacktoberfest in the horizon, I thought that it would be valuable to share an open source repository of mine.


A highly efficient, powerful, and feature-rich algorithm for analyzing DNA sequences

**Repository: **

The current algorithm just finished thorough testing with DNA samples from a variety of species. DNAnalyzer identifies proteins, amino acids, start and stop codons, high coverage regions, regions susceptible to neurodevelopment disorders, transcription factors, and regulatory elements in DNA strings. Researchers are working to extract valuable information from such software to better understand human health and disease.

Ways to Help
I'd be grateful for any help, whether in testing, science, code, formatting, accessibility, or anything else. If you know Java or a similar language, your assistance with adding new features would be greatly appreciated (including a CLI and GUI). Similarly, if you are more familiar with biology, I (and the rest of the team) would appreciate feature requests and bug reports. In any case, even if you aren't interested in contributing, please visit the repository and give it a star. The developer team is excited to see the flow of pull requests in the coming weeks!

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Contributions are welcomed to

Zodios | Zodios

End-to-end typesafe REST API toolbox

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Does it have some issues for hacktober?

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Max • Edited

TL;DR: we’ve developed an open-source language for building full-stack web apps with less code and best practices that works alongside React and Node.js

Hello everyone! We’re a small team of open-source enthusiasts, passionate about web development and extremely tired of writing boilerplate code.

That’s why we created Wasp - an open-source web application configuration language that takes over all the routine work of creating a project backbone. You describe the application’s functionality (API endpoints, authorisation, deployment, etc.) in a single file. The compiler does the rest itself. The result is a full-fledged web app built with Node + React, created in a few minutes. We are backed by Y Combinator and engineers from Airbnb, Facebook, and Lyft.

Join us during HacktoberFest!

How to contribute
Good first issues

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Leonardo Montini

Happy Hacktoberfest!

It will be a month full of fun and hopefully everyone will find some amazing projects to get involved for the long term and the months to come!

I also covered this celebration with some articles you can find on my profile here on dev.

If you're looking for a repository but you're still lost, have a look here :)

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Nour Assy • Edited

Happy Hacktoberfest🔥

Have a look at the Process Analytics project. It allows you to create cool visualizations of processes and data 🌈 Check the details here

For maintainers⚒️: You can promote your project with this application👇. It shows a process that visually explains the steps for contributors. You can easily adapt it to include your project name

Image description

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Parker Waiters


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aatmaj profile image

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