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Few weeks ago i had to do a some house cleaning. Guess who learned how to code in rust.


That's true. It's hard though when the non-coding task involves kids. Solution: do pair-programming :)

kid pair programming


Not me... I just found magic the gathering arena...


It's great, isn't it?

Especially now that I actually also own a Windows again and don't have to ru it through Wine, which wasn't a particularly great experience πŸ˜‚


I run it on my Mac.

I use Shadow.tech to give me a full gaming pc in the cloud. But I am lucky the data center is only 2 hours away and I have a fiber connection. But it’s amazing...


If I need to code I just write docs instead, productivity every time.


ah the number of software that I write about, design and even plan when I read, walk or play... I have many notebooks full of details on game, mobile app and webapp. But well... they become quickly a bit scary


Me to I particularly write them in detail when procrastinating while doing fav pass time in procrastination called organising. But I don't follow them always while coding. Guess where is the error in productivity?
Detailing the task and steps or not following them when coding. :D


It's true! Speaking of writing, I was just writing about this (it's a freebie on my site Books on Code, called '4 Tips to Instant Learning', ahem).

Putting things on the backburner to think about in the back of your mind is backed by science.

I like to think of it as feeding your subconscious information to chew on while you do other things. 😊


I can't draw for πŸ’©, but I spent way too long writing an SVG logo in code and could've spent that time working on the project's actual code. But hey, I now have a project with an awesome logo :D


Generates inspiration, inspiration makes us productive, it makes sense πŸ™‚


Can relate 😁 or self set deadlines for ridiculously unnecessary coding projects to convince myself that I need to keep working on it instead of the task I should be doing instead


Yes! Coding something is Actually Productive And Not Procastinating


When I have to write code, i negotiate with Business Analyst/Product Owner to keep the feature simple so that I can write less code...

Less code, less bugs

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