Looker, Tableau, Metabase, etc. What data exploration and visualization tool should we use for dev.to?

We are currently using BeeKeeper because it was quick and easy to set up, but we are not set on anything longterm, and I just wanted to get some feedback. We are a tiny team now, but we will be bigger soon enough. Jess used Looker at another job and she liked it, but it might not be designed for startups like us.

Would love some feedback!

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Tableau is good but expensive and probably overkill for your current datasets.

QuickSight from AWS is a similar approach but cheaper and less comprehensive, that might be a good starting point.

We like Geckoboard for some of the stuff we do as a start-up. It's worked well from GA and Google Sheets etc.


Power BI might be another to look at...seems easy enough to try out the free version, and then it's $10/user/month after that.

Hm, Metabase looks interesting, though. I'll have to check that out.

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