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My Top Eight Must-Listen Developer Podcasts

I love listening to podcasts. It's how I casually keep up to date with trends and learn about the things I didn't even know I didn't know. Here's my list of eight podcasts I listen to on the regular. I could have easily make a list of eight more on top of this, but I thought eight was a good number and this was a pretty good list. I mostly write web application in JavaScript or Ruby. This affects what I listen to but most of these shows are great listens regardless of your language preferences. This list is vaguely ordered by preference and bias.

All of these podcasts and several more of my favorites can be found on our new discovery tool /pod. If you know of any more must-listens we should include in there, let us know!

Software Engineering Daily

Five great interviews per week. Jeff does an incredible amount of research for each interview and the effort shows. The show covers ever corner of software development but Jeff is most enthusiastic about the lower-level parts of the stack.

The Changelog

Adam and Jerod put on a very crisp interview with notable figures in open source. This show comes out once a week and is always valuable. The team has two more shows now, Go Time and Request for Commits. I have not gotten into Go Time yet but I really have enjoyed RFC.

Code Newbie

Saron runs a great podcast that focuses on the parts of programming that can help newbies make the leap. Even though it is targeted at new programmers, it is valuable and interesting for everyone.

Shop Talk Show

Chris and Dave run a show with a variety of formats and always great topics surrounding front-end development. It is chock-full of practical advice and opinions on this part of the dev stack.

Ruby Rogues

This is a panel show with recurring hosts and guests that covers many interesting topics in Ruby and also tends to get into great discussions on the community aspect of development.

JavaScript Jabber

This is another show produced by Charles Max Wood, host of Ruby Rogues. He produces several other shows on which I listen to as well. This show has a similar format to Ruby Rogues, but the nature of it varies because of the different personalities of the hosts, guests, and the JavaScript landscape as opposed to Ruby.

The Bike Shed

This show gets into some of the technical details of Ruby, Rails, and has a lot of insider goodies regarding the ongoing development of Rails. Derek and Sean put on a very fun tech and banter-driven show. Laila Winner has co-hosted it a few times, but she has a new podcast, The Laila and Brenda Show, which follows a similar format.


Scott brings in some amazing guests and does a great job of uncovering niche topics in computer programming and uncovering the most interesting parts. This show has a great backlog.

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There is another one, that I personally love to listen to:

There episodes on Clean Code were awesome!