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Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern

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Rails 7 will require Ruby 2.7+

You heard them, make sure you're upgrading!

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Brian Kephart

They've announced there will be no 6.2, so Rails 7.0 is expected this year.

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Syed Faraaz Ahmad

I hadn't done Rails since Rails 5. I recently tried installing Rails and created a new project, and it felt like it was way more complicated than it was back then. Biggest of those issues is having Yarn, why cant it just use NPM like a normal person? (even as a fallback)

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Kevin Gilpin • Edited

Well, it’s true that Rails does include JS baked in now, which did not used to be the case. It does make it a bit more complex, I agree. But virtually 100% of projects demand JS on the front end now, so I think it’s wise of them to include a built-in and standardized way to do it.

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David Muñoz

Man!, my work projects still on Rails >4 and <5.2
Recently tried a new project on rails 6 but i find very hard to make Yarn run in both development and production. I hope this gets better for 7.

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Jonathan Rochkind

"We have big plans for the next version of Rails and that require big versions."

Has there been any info as to what those big changes planned are?