Thank you DEV Community!

Ben Halpern on November 28, 2019

I'm feeling very grateful for the warmth, helpfulness and kindness displayed every day by the community.

It's a lot of fun coming to work every day. ❤️

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I must say, i was able to detach from Facebook due to dev.to.
It has improved a lot over the years. The UI is so intuitive.
The people are friendly.
I like the non tech posts the most.
I strongly recommend DEV to people who are new to programming and let them feel 'they are not alone'.
Cheers to the founders.


Thank you so much for starting and maintaining the site that brings us all together; it's a true honor to be a part of the DEV Community, and it would never have been possible without the site itself.

Thank you Ben, Jess, and Peter, and all the other contributors to DEV, and of course the awesome developers in this community itself!

— Fred


Thanks for this awesome work. I just wrote my first article and already like this community so much :)


Hi Ben, I was really impressed by the look and feel of DEV.to.
I like the way that people share their thoughts, their process, their discoveries.
But one thing I don't like is that among really good content hides marketing posts like this one : dev.to/azure/how-you-can-learn-to-...

They should be clearly marked as advertising, sponsorized, or whatever suits to clearly mark that they are produced by companies seeking customers rather than developers sharing.

This is a concern as those posts lead to polished "LinkedIn-like" responses "This is great", "Thanks for sharing", ...
The really subject is a product, or a platform, and following the given instructions will lead to a personal expense at the beneficial of the author's company, not mentionned in any way.

Where is going DEV.to relating to those sponsorships ?


There are Development communities out there but dev.to is more than a community for Developers, it's a family. We all come here, share our ideas and learn from other people's expertise to improve on ourselves. I wouldn't ask for more. Dev.to is the right place for me.


Thank you giving us this platform! DEV has helped a lot of my projects to get famous❤️❤️🌻🌻🌻


Thanks for giving folks a platform that is free, open, and welcoming. My hope is that this community stays "gate free" and that it continues to build bridges to other platforms and communities.


I really like this community.

Before dev.to, no online platform really made me feel that I am a member of it. But the dev community and this platform is so caring and easy. Gives me a feel that I am not alone!

Humor and knowledge has a good mixup here till now. Hope it will last and go a long way.

Go, Dev, Go.


Well it wouldn't have been possible without you, thank you.
insert beautiful sounding credits music from any game here


For me, the most valuable here was the people, the community itself.
Thank you, people! You are great :-)
And thanks to all developers and maintainers of the Dev.to for such a great resource.


Thank you to the DEV team and the community for helping create this place. 🎉


Can we look for technical help too here while learning, for example, java, spring security? If so, do we've individual channels to communicate with techies ? Any help on this, where can we? Thanks.


@ben and the staff,

thanks for building and maintaining this awesome community!
I LOVE to be here and contribute to it.


You have a great job, and you're doing a great job!


I bet Zucc the ducc doesn't feel the same. DEV is unique af boiii

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