What does your organization do especially well?

What are the processes, technical choices, policies, meeting practices, etc. that your organization does well. Please share!

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My organization is possibly the best in the world at applying market-based solutions to marine resource management issues. We are also really good at using technology (possibly even high technology) to enable regulations.

Even though we're a small team of five (though hopefully 6,7, & 8 soon!), we're focused on creating a culture of mental wellbeing and trust. We're hyperaware that everyone's needs are different so we have very flexible 'work hours' and encourage people to take breaks in the middle of the day, whether they're in the office or remote. It's not uncommon for someone to head to the gym for an hour, or put in our #status channel that they need to go for a walk or catch up with a friend. We also have 'minimum required vacation' coupled with unlimited vacation because we know the latter actually breeds anxiety and a fear of taking time off.

Something we're trying to make habitual is providing useful feedback for one another. While "Great Job!" is nice to hear, it doesn't really validate the amount of time/thought someone has put into their work. We're encouraging everyone to give SBI (Situation, Behavior, Impact) feedback because it creates an easy guideline to start a conversation and is especially helpful when giving critical feedback.

At Codeship, we have a very open policy about providing feedback. All of us are committed to improving ourselves as well as each other.

The marketing team, as an example, has weekly meetings to reflect on how we are doing as a team, and where we can improve. We constantly go through our own feedback loops to make sure we are doing the right things.

It really has been a great place to work, and looking forward to the future.

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