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Who's looking for open source contributors? (July 2 edition)

Please shamelessly promote your project. Everyone who posted in previous weeks is welcome back this week, as always. 😄

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Marvin Danig • Edited


I'm looking for developers/contributors who also share interest in physics and space. This is a "leisure fun" project. A PWA, and it's mostly javascript.

We're making a Superbook on The Solar System for children that fits the gap between space/astronomy research and its applications and impact in real world applications. How it helps to better understand the world.

Meaning, this project uses plenty of math and physics and sometimes general observation to explain natural phenomena. Hope you'll like it!

A live avatar of the partially done book is up here:

A lot of kids/teachers already refer the current version of the book, so your work will directly benefit them i.e. the star individuals of the next generation. Space/physics is more important for kids today than ever before. The project is completely free and open source (MIT license) so translation to other languages, new chapters, visual explanations, shaders, AR/VR experiments –– every form of contribution is game and welcomed. :-)

Feel free to reach me on marvin att bubblin doot io if you have any questions.

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Awesome project Marvin! Quick question, how are the animations made? Pure CSS?

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Marvin Danig

Heya, thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Few pages like the cover are pure CSS3 animations while on others there are shaders or webgl or simply an embed from Youtube.✨

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Andrea Benfatti • Edited

Climb - Python CLI argument parser

In the past week I built a CLI tool to use at work and while searching for libraries to parse command like Git or Kubectl do and i came to the conclusion that nothing was as i wanted so i started to build my parser.


  • Core parser
  • Simple parameters type
  • Optinal argument
  • Positional argument


  • List argument
  • Advance argument types
  • Automatic argument inferences using mypi type description

This is my first open source Python package so every suggestion and help is welcome. It could be a good project for people that want to start contributing to opensource

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How do I start?

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Andrea Benfatti

As a start, you can clone the repository, run python develop and to install the package in dev mode and try to use it a small example like the one in the readme. Once you get that working try to understand how it works, and try to make some changes to add some functionality, the easiest thing is probably improving the output of the help page. If you want something more challenging you can think about how to implement a more advanced argument typing.

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I assume this is the right link to the project - Climb.

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Jeremy Grifski • Edited

It's been awhile, but I'm back with the Sample Programs in Every Language repository. As the name suggests, this repo holds a collection of program snippets in as many languages as possible. At this point, we're up over 60 languages with several new ones that aren't even recognized by GitHub yet.

If you're not too interested in adding code, you can actually help by writing articles that explain the various snippets of code in the repository. Sound cool? Check it out, and feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

For anyone who cares, the project has about 35 stars and 14 forks almost all completely thanks to

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homework-manager -

HWM is a app designed for middle/high-schoolers to have one centralized place for all of the students to put their homeworks in. More like a shared to-do list. It differentiates (?) from Google Classroom or Moodle because it's a lightweight solution that doesn't require for teachers to add in the homeworks (admin students can). It can probably also be used for uni but not quite sure about that.


If you want to contribute, contact me (for coordination) >> // //

Thanks <3

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Alex Dovzhanyn

I've recently been working on porting the Redux library to ruby, to allow for separation of state and logic in your backend and to encourage better standards for writing code. I've gotten a large portion of it up to spec and it's been released as a ruby gem, but it would be nice if people here could test / audit it or even submit a pr in case I missed something in my implementation.

Check it out here:

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Hey there. I've been working on MusicUtils for a while.

It is a primarily CLI based package for managing all your musical needs at one place, such as downloading (we use youtube-dl to download and convert music to mp3), updating the ID3 tags, organising your directories based on artists, and so on.

Try it out:
pip install MusicUtils

This is pretty small and basic so far, so very beginner-friendly. I'd love to hear what you think of it. Thanks!

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TMcSquared • Edited

Qub³d Engine Group is a brand new voxel-based engine and game project, aiming to make a mature and extensible Minecraft-like game, backed by a vibrant and friendly community.

Anyone with interest in or experience with the following technologies are encouraged to join the project. They're just starting up, so there's plenty of room to find your niche.

Current Needs:

Are you interested in helping with any of the following? We're working on building small teams for each sector.

  • Cross-platform C++ compilation w/ Clang and C++. (We especially need help with wrangling our dependencies.)
  • Basic application/library structure work (C++)
  • 3D block rendering (C++/OpenGL)
  • Map generation (C++)
  • Entity system (C++)
  • Voxel storage (C++)
  • UI design (C++/CEGUI)
  • Mod/Server Marketplace prototype (Python/Django)
  • User authentication servers
  • Implementing Agile/Scrum

Team Dynamic:

We are a growing, distributed team of volunteers at varying experience levels, helping and learning from one another. The teams are led by a group of dedicated volunteer leaders, who work together to build a healthy, open, collaborative environment.

Currently, we meet once a week for a DevTalk on Discord, to discuss current project goals and to solve design and logistical problems.

Tech Stack:

  • C++ (especially C++17)
  • Clang compiler (GCC secondary)
  • OpenGL
  • SDL2
  • Lua
  • Sphinx (documentation)
  • CMake
  • Python/Django (marketplace)
  • Grav (static website)
  • Git (VCS)
  • Phabricator (development platform)

Jump In!

The easiest way to get started is to join the Discord room. Link is on the website:

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Vaibhav • Edited

Calling all Sense8 fans here :D

We are working to create a Sense8 based website/app which is inspired by the ideals of Sense8 and aims to connect every fan and even otherwise who value and believe in the message of Sense8 - Love and equality for all.

You can visit our website and look for your cluster at

Any and all contributions are very much welcome at
You can also connect with us on Slack at

Hope to see you soon :)
I am also a WE!

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Yosbel Marín • Edited

React Declarative Control Flow

For devs missing a declarative JSX control flow. Any thought is welcome.

[EDITED: the lib has ben renamed to react-deco]

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I wrote earlier Some ideas

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Yosbel Marín

Great! Seems like many devs doesn't like this style for React but I keep thinking it is easier to read and maintain, and less spaghetti.

Thread Thread
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yes, They just want to use jsx. But I think there should be a better way

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Enlight - Learn to code by building projects

Enlight is a community-driven collection of programming projects with 1,700+ users and has been on the frontpage of Product Hunt and HN.

I want to spread this project-based approach, and so I am looking for contributors to submit mini projects they have made in any language using any technology. Anyone can submit a project once they are logged in.


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To all open source contributors/repo maintainers, I am working on a project that would help you guys grow faster and would ease off your work. If you can spare some time to answer few questions via email, please reply to this post and I will contact you.

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Muhsin K


mamhaidly profile image

I got your email from your github account and just sent you an email. Thank you for your time.

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Jeremy Grifski

All I ask is read over the contributing doc and the pull request doc. Those two should be enough to get started! :)

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Nuster Cache Server

nuster is a high performance caching proxy server based on HAProxy.

Welcome any contributors for ideas, bugs reports, PRs:

  • Disk persistence
  • Sync between nodes
  • Other GitHub issues
  • etc


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Alexey Melezhik • Edited


If you have a useful script, you may upload it to SparrowHub - linux scripts repository. You'll find how to do so on the site. If you got stuck let me know.



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Peter Mbanugo

HospitalRun is looking for a maintainer: