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Awesome Mental Health it's a curated list of awesome articles, websites and resources about mental health in the software industry. If you're interested in mental health awareness and self-care, and you know any good resource about that, share it with the community by making a pull request in the repo, or simply share the link of the repo.

Thank you! ☺️



Just learnt how to create REST APIs with Flask + Python and created a simple API to get my hands dirty with it. It is an API of the data from the Age of Empires 2 video game.

Age of Empires II API

It has tests, documentation and pretty much everything, but my knowledge of Python + Flask is still pretty shaky so I am sure that some refactoring can be done (for sure), or just checking the data (also, the data from the expansions is yet to be added!), so feel free to contribute in making it cleaner!



Hey all!

Heupr is now open source! We've still got a lot of things we'd like to implement for the open source model (e.g. setting up clear installation instructions, getting Travic-CI running, increasing test coverage, etc) but the functioning codebase is there for your viewing pleasure. Anyone interested in Golang and machine learning, or just getting involved in open source, feel free to jump in!

You can also reach the team at heuprHQ@gmail.com.


I'd love to join the team if that's possible, I'm super interested in both of Golang and ML!


Awesome, we'd love to have you! Feel free to peruse the heupr/core repo (as that is our functioning codebase right now) and familiarize yourself with it a bit. I'd also recommend looking at the open issues (there's only a handful right now) and we can start laying out what type of tasks still need to be written out and which ones you might want to tackle. Shoot us an email at heuprHQ@gmail.com and we can start organizing things!


Louk is a Vue.js shorthand notation that does away with all the HTML (< >) and Vue ({{ }}) noise, for cleaner and clearer templating. It works with webpack and has editor extensions for Atom, Sublime, and VS Code. Looking for some JavaScript/TypeScript devs to help with the issue backlog, develop an online REPL, add support for more editors, improve code structure, and suggest new features! Super thorough test coverage helps with making changes confidently. Say hi if you're interested! 😁


Oat++ is zero-Dependency, performance oriented web-service-development framework. Written in C++.

Framework repo:

Examples repo:

github.com/oatpp/oatpp-swagger - Swagger-UI
github.com/oatpp/oatpp-libressl - TLS submodule based on libressl
github.com/oatpp/oatpp-consul - Integration with Consul by HashiCorp
github.com/oatpp/oatpp-curl - Request executor for oatpp ApiClient based on libcurl

oatpp.io/ - served by oat++ :)


I just wonder how can you import C++ and run it on the web. This is insane!


There is no black magic here:) I just run oatpp server that serves static files and does some server-side rendering.


WarShield is a CLI tool made to cipher and decipher your files with a password using AES-256. It was made to ensure a full files protection inside a storage device. If those are lost or stolen, malicious peoples can take over your data.

It uses AES-256 GCM (Galois/Counter Mode) with random 16 bytes initialization vector. Password is hash in a 256 bits key with SHA-512 using random 64 bytes salt and rounds (between 3000 and 9000 rounds).

It just wait there for contributors to make it evolve. Some derivated softwares will also come like WarShield-powered password manager πŸ˜ƒ


Do you live in the Greater Toronto Area and like React?

I built tps-calls. It's real-time mapping of locations where the Toronto Police have responded to a call for service. These calls include incidents such as arrests, gun calls, collisions involving people or property, assaults, industrial accidents or disputes. It's built with React, Redux, React-map-gl & Material-UI.

If you have any questions about contributing, have an idea for the project, or any feedback, I'd appreciate it.

If you're interested, you can find the repo here


So cool man! I would love to do something like this in Calgary! Congrats.


Hey there,

simple 2way config is a two way PHP-based configuration package. This package is designed to make it easy synchronizing the source file with the run-time values. It's suitable for applications that require the use of file-based system to store preferences or configuration.

i also shared a back story about the project, in case you are interested.



kubefwd is an open source command line utility that helps you develop apps needing to connect with other services running in Kubernetes. kubefwd is designed to port forward some or all pods within one or many Kubenetes namespaces. kubefwd enables easy configuration for backing services in supporting 12-factor methodology or designing microservices.

"kubefwd is the tool I've been missing." --Kelsey Hightower

If you are interested in contributing please take a look at github.com/txn2/kubefwd

Thank you


Folivora is an interactive slide presenter (without using the blockchain πŸ˜‰) which aims to enhance lectures and collect live feedback from students (currently polls and comments). It's written in Typescript and just 2 weeks old, but the first live tests are promising. If you like to work on a new opensource project, just drop me some lines, or open a pull request.


Hey everyone!

Awesome podcast episodes is a curated list of informational podcast episodes out there for developers. Podcasts are one of the most important forms of learning for me as a developer and hence I curated this list with some of the most informational podcasts I have heard.

I would love to have more diverse content. Feel free to check out the repo and make a PR :)

Thank you!


StormScript is an open source scripting language that focuses on readability while still being powerful. repository


Noice! Always happy to see new programming langauges. :) I don't suppose it's usable yet?


It is not very usable for much more than small scripts yet. I am mostly looking for contributers to help add functionality, test, and give feedback.


Snacks@console is a browser-based console to run and save SQL queries.


Masonite is a rapidly growing Python web framework that is always looking for new community members. :)

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