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Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern

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Who's looking for open source contributors? (November 5th edition)

Find something to work on or promote your project here.

Please shamelessly promote your project. Everyone who posted in previous weeks is welcome back this week, as always. 😄

Happy coding!

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Manda Putra

Wow the github UI reinvented nice

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Hunter Drum • Edited

Wow! gitote is awesome!

I plan on adding it to my workflow

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Yeah it will be more awesome in future! Thanks

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Anderson. J

This seems really awesome. Love the UI. I'll be watching the project closely.

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Julian Soto

I am making an alternative file explorer for Windows, using electron (and probably Typescript in the future).

It's very very basic now, but I am planning to add more features, it's meant to make dev's life easier.

It would be great if you guys make some unit test, refactor the code, or write a Readme for this project.

Thanks everyone.

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Manda Putra

How to build it?

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Julian Soto

In the package.json file, you can see different scripts to run the application, use npm start to run the app on a dev environment, or use the electron-builder module to pack and distribute the app. You can find more info about electron-builder here:

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Manda Putra

okay. any of todo list?

Thread Thread
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Julian Soto • Edited

There are some basic features that are needed, like multiple file selection, clipboard, recursive search, view settings, group by, sort by, etc.
Also, I am planning to integrate Git to manage files versions, something like VS Code does.

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Ajmal Noushad

I am a beginner in ReactJS. I built a project with in my limited knowledge. I would like to learn how to improve this project. Contributions are welcome.

I also have an issue with safari browser, which I think some of you can help me fix it.

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Jason C. McDonald

MousePaw Media is looking for C++ and Python developers who are interested in working on unusual, cutting-edge libraries, tools, and games.

Current Projects

Here's a look at a few of our current projects:

PawLIB 1.1: High-performance, memory efficient containers and utilities for the C++ language. We're expanding our testing library (Goldilocks), improving and expanding our data structures (Flex), making message output a delight again (IOChannel), and building a tool for streamlining the design of CLI interfaces (Blueshell).

Right now, we're working on iterators for the Flex data structures, adding a new high-performance, doubly-linked list implementation, and building our collection of sorting algorithms.

Omission is a game written in Python 3. It currently uses the Kivy GUI toolkit, but needs to be re-implemented in Qt5 (PySide2).

DiamondQuest is a brand new Python 3 game, which will use the Qt5 (PySide2) GUI toolkit. We're especially needing someone with pixel-art skills to create the retro-style graphics.

Ratscript: A brand new language which seeks to combine an innovative, obvious syntax with a powerful combination of paradigms. Ratscript is being designed specifically for the next generation of game development. Takes cues from Python and Rust, among others.

Anari: A vector-based animation engine implemented in C++, allowing for memory-efficient interactive animations to be deployed onto old and new hardware alike.

Infiltrator is an upcoming Python 3 party game. We have an earlier version implemented in C++, but we want to recreate it in Python3 and Qt5 (PySide2).

Our Stack

  • C++14 (C++17 proposed)
  • Compilers: Clang and GCC
  • CMake
  • Python 3
  • Qt 5/PySide 2
  • CPGF
  • Eigen
  • Git
  • Phabricator

Getting Involved

See something you like? Jump right in! We have a robust development platform, centered around a carefully-honed Phabricator instance.

For more information, visit or contact developers (at) mousepawmedia (dot) com. You can also ask questions and join the discussion us on the Lobby chatroom on our Phabricator.

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Przemysław Kłys

I'm open to anything PowerShell related. Whether it's small, big, docs, whatever... if you can help that would be cool :-)

There are some smaller projects, some bigger as well. Make your pick

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Brian Greig

I encourage anyone currently working with Vue to check out our current project that marries D3 and Vue to create standards compliant, customizable charts. We are obviously always looking for contributors (there are three fairly significant features slated for this milestone alone) but we are also looking for people to test, submit issues, and help spread the word. Even just a star on GitHub or a quick tweet would be greatly appreciated.

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Alexey Melezhik

Sparky is a powerful pocket size task runner server in crontab style. It supports asynchronous tasks run though ssh and docker. It has UI. I need someone who can help me in improving UI part.


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Vinicius Stock

Hey, folks!

I am currently starting a new pet project: json_queue.

It is a Rails engine to asynchronously process JSON API requests.

As always, I'd love to have feedback on it.


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Adrian B.G.

Because Go was not mentioned around here, I just made a new personal project

A (micro) service that generates large amounts of fake (users) data.


  • add gRPC support
  • make the docker multi-stage build work (lower the container from 700mb to 7mb)
  • add a general/custom endpoint, where the payload is an object with the types of data it requires to be generated (each client decide what objects to be generated)
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Hey guys,

I'm started contributing to open source economy by creating a simple active-query-builder library.

Welcome for all pull requests.

Repository link is

DM me for more information about project.

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Tom Metcalfe

If anyone fancies a single issue:

This package is a wrapper around the Virgin Money Giving API used by UK charities to create fundraising pages for good causes.

You would be helping several UK charities by fixing this issue.

The full readme for the project can be viewed here:

This issue is perfect for a PHP beginner!

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Christophe Coeur • Edited

Searching collaborators experienced on Laravel to collaborate on Japanese learning websites and !

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Fayçal Arab

I'm a web developer and i love japan.
How can i contribuite ?

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Nicole Saunders 💻🌹

I have a simple website up that I just built yesterday with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Feel free to play with it. There's also an issue up that I couldn't figure out how to fix

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Lionel Jouin

I published a new version today:

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Milos Protic

Hi everyone.

I've created lightweight component-based framework for JavaScript. Check it out and see if it has potential.

github source code