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The mouse and keyboard behind the notebook are part of my gaming PC setup.

Ultrawide monitor and notebook.

Dark mode enabled!

The same setup but in the the dark with glowing orange light.


Love it, but will probably fall asleep in couple of minutes.


I don't usually work in the dark. That's just for the image 😅


how do you sync wallpaper color with the background lights


The light is an RGB LED strip with a remote control. I have to switch the colors manually, so no syncing magic unfortunately 😁


The picture is from last year with Ubuntu 19.10 In April I updated to 20.04.

is a curved monitor practical for coding? I have a straigt 4k 27" and wonder if curved would not even suck at it or not.

The curve itself is not a problem, it took a day or so to get used to the curve but then it was perfectly natural.

I do prefer dual monitors though because of the additional "monitor real estate". This curved one has a resolution of 3840 x 1600. In the office I have two monitors with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. And that bit of extra horizontal space is great for having multiple files open side by side and a web browser on the second monitor. But that comes down to personal preference I guess.

I know what you mean. Have also been used to 2x24" monitors + a macbook pro screen. But as you said personal preference and getting used to.


Social distancing + getting out into nature. This was my workspace yesterday :)


If I go out where I live this time o' year, flies of all varieties assault me


You would not believe your eyes


There were definitely some mosquitoes there. But not too bad considering I was back in nature again. :)


Well spotted! That's Cubbon park in Bangalore.

Such beautiful city ❤️ stay safe though !


This is my workspace that I am using now.
alt text


We recently rent a villa with this HUGE dinning table. It's such a big relief after doing all the work from the small uncomfortable table.



Man if you can rent a villa you should invest in proper home office equipment next. Height adjustable desk, monitor and chair. Care about your health before problems arise!


Thanks for the advice!
Unfortunately, it's one of the downsides of a nomadic lifestyle. I can't carry office equipment with me :( This table is one of the most comfortable I worked on for years :D

The good side that I work not so much and as I mentioned I have kinda standing desk as well (bar table) so I stand half of my day.

Anyway, I agree with your statement. As soon as I settle down the first thing I'm gonna buy is proper office equipment.

PS You won't believe how cheap villas on Bali because of the corona :)


Looks very great especially the water preps, buuut how long can you sit on that wood chair


It's actually surprisingly good. I thought to buy a small pillow on it but it's okay as it is. Also, I'm using standing desk around 40% of the time.


Here is my set up
It is more of a gaming setup to be honest xD
But I code in it more than gaming LOL
My setup


That's impressive! Does your neck get tired going left/right?


Mine gets a little tired looking up but I don't do it a ton so it's not fatiguing lol


Remodeled it a bit. Traded in my slow as hell iMac 5K with Fusion Drive for a 2018 Mac Mini which is soooooo fast. I've waited so long 😭 😂


Got some love when I posted this on Reddit.
Rocking dual curved 32 inch 4K displays + X1 Extreme Gen 2 with 15.6 inch OLED display + Lenovo Dock

Except for the battery life of the laptop, I couldn't be happier.

Links are amazon links

I ordered and tested 7 different monitors from Amazon and surprisingly settled on the cheapest of the bunch. They are Philips 328E1CA.

I didn't even know Philips made monitors but after researching turns out it was one only two curved 32 inch 4Ks, with VESA mounting holes, available. And, upon further research I discovered they make their own panels. People complain a lot about the Samsung panels which are used by the only other competitor in 32 inch 4K curved.. the MSI MAG321CURV.

You can see side-by-side specs here. By most measures the MSI should be better but I liked the Philips.

Also, I didn't think I wanted 4K. Originally I was looking at 2K monitors because things are bigger on screen without having to scale. Conventional wisdom states native resolution is supposed to be more crisp than a scaled resolution. I DID NOT find this to be the case, especially for coding/web browsing where the primary activity is reading text. I run these with 200% scaling and they're GREAT; way easier to read with amazingly crisp text compared to a 2K screen running at native resolution. I even tried the 49 inch 2K Samsung at one point and didn't like it nearly as much as the Philips.

I originally had this cheap dual monitor mount for my monitors after upgrading to larger curved displays I didn't like the way it looked and I couldn't push my desk all the wall. So I upgraded to two Jarvis single arm mounts that come from the sides instead of behind. It turned out awesome.

For the laptop I wanted something back from the desk and inline with the monitors but also low to the desktop. I tried and returned a few options. Nothing off the shelf really allows for having the arm further back but not off to the side. SO... long story longer... I got the idea to attach the original cheaper dual monitor mount upside down on my desk and flip the arm around. Then I bought a separate tray to sit the laptop on.

It turned out perfect! Here's a pic of what it looks like from behind. The pole is meant to be on the top of the desk.

The dock is the ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Workstation Dock (230W/170W). Which I believe is the only dock that supports this laptop.


Thanks. 👍

Windows 10 Pro (with WSL 2 + Ubuntu when necessary).
I mostly do React Native dev.


Love my space, but need more plants!
Work from home setup


Recently added a 3rd monitor. While it's not perfect it's a whole lot better. I also added a new sit/stand desk that I love!

Kody's Workspace


Are the top two monitors comfortable to look at? What do you use to support them?


For long periods of time, they are not comfortable. I tend to rearrange my windows so that my primary focus is on my main 24" screen and peripheral info is on the 22" screens above.

For example, I have outlook open in an upper screen but if I open an email to read or reply, it gets moved to the lower panel.


A raised macbook pro with moft stand
An external sandisk 256 ssd with a 2nd macOS installation to support XCode
Addition iPhone for app testing and music (basically used like an iPod)
and the most comfortable place in the world. my bed


I use a moft stand too, it has saved my neck!


I’ve got multiple, a few cheaper ones were ordered with this in case the stand wasn’t as good as advertised, it’s been months and I don’t think I’m going to need a replacement anytime soon.

I've had mine for over a year and it is still good as new 👍


I don't work from home, I live at my office.


This is my setup and this is my first ever posting something in dev.to . The picture didn't appear at first, I didn't know I've to use markdown. It's interesting.

My Setup


My usual work at home space. MBP 2016 13" with an Acer CB281HK. On Thursdays I substitute the MBP with an Alienware to do webinars on PC only software.


It's not the greatest and I never really intended to do any extended periods of real work at home...but it works :)

Small messy desk with a laptop, some speakers, a coffee cup with a cute cat and stacks of random paper


Added a portable notebook stand which, actually, just arrived yesterday (finally).

Also adds enough height to be a standing option, at least for a bit until you want to sit again. 😁


Recently moved, but had to get the desk up and running a bit first for work. So pardon the mess. Definitely need to look at some better organizing in the future once I feel it's a bit more like home.


Not pictured: the other 6 cats.


Pretending I'm outside by setting my desktop backgrounds as shots from past hiking trips 🌳



Staged for the sake of aesthetics 🤫


staged for the sake of aesthetics


Box for home use, usually squeeze a laptop in there somewhere with a bit of shuffling around. Else I end up sitting on the couch with just my laptop.


I just changed to dual 27 inch monitors. And the machine is running ubuntu 20.04, an 8 core AMD 8370, 32 Gb RAM with 3 SSD's with ZFS. I built it.