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benfaught profile image Benjamin Faught ・1 min read needs a way to insert links into the markdown that will open in a new tab. I like to open links without leaving the article. Is this possible to implement? Who else thinks this would be a good idea?


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Chris James

I prefer it for the user to be in control of browser behaviour rather than the author. You can always middle click / control click / whatever when reading.

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I agree with Chris :)

In addition, by adding "target blank" everywhere you take away the choice for the user.

This is my favorite article about this topic: When to use target=”_blank”

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Temi Kara

I think it's a good idea, I as a user prefer opening links in a new tab when I'm not done reading an article

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Harald Reingruber

I would also prefer being able to configure opening links in a new windows/tab.