I'm visiting dev.to more & more every day 😍

I've noticed that I'm beginning to visit dev.to more than social-media or almost any other site. The save posts feature is really nice. I've built-up a very nice reading list for myself. Also, some of you post really great dev content. Thanks!

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Thanks so much! We're working hard to make it the place that really fulfills developer dreams. Finding like minded folks and leveling up skills and careers. It means so much to hear feedback like this!

This site was a good idea. I come across good dev content on the web and social media, however here at dev.to it's much easier to find what your looking for and make personal connections. The new connect(chat) feature is nice too :)

Just started using dev.to . Lots of resources for me as I have just started my IT career(~2.5 yrs and there is so much to learn -_-) .Love the site. Wish to become a contributor some day. Kudos from India.


Hey there, we see you aren't signed in. (Yes you, the reader. This is a fake comment.)

Please consider creating an account on dev.to. It literally takes a few seconds and we'd appreciate the support so much. ❀️

Plus, no fake comments when you're signed in. πŸ™ƒ

Me too! Twitter is now secondary to dev.to (well, Dev.to and Spectrum.chat) when it comes to community/social sites. So much useful information and good discussions.

I would like to visit dev.to more and more, I even have it in my bookmark-bar for quick access, but while the content is usually great, no question there, the social-media-lite presentation is turning me off. I would throw it in my feed-reader, but haven't found an actual throwable feed, yet (am I blind or is there none? due to the endless scrolling I can't even get to the footer on the homepage, to see if it's perhaps hidden there).

So yeah, call me social media fatigued (not that I use any, but this sounds like a string of words that could make sense to someone), but if there was a version without the emojis and notifications I would have probably come out of my cave sooner. Now I'm back to lurking.

I will also deactivate this account (not that I found an option to do so), that has been created a minute before this post, because holy crap, that's a lot of pre opted-in notifications, I never agreed to.

We'll probably eventually have alt home pages depending on taste.

You can also access feeds at dev.to/feed and user feeds via dev.to/feed/ben etc.


We're pretty proud of creating and/or working towards a design which we think brings a bit more humanity to the environment, and it's not going to be for everyone. Feel free to email yo@dev.to and we'll take care of your issues. I also just followed you in case you want to direct message me with any thoughts which could improve the place.

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