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RailsConf 2020 Couch Edition Is Out! What Are You Watching?

RailsConf 2020 was supposed to be in Portland, Oregon this year, but then COVID-19 happened. The organizers went back to the drawing board and came up with RailsConf Couch Edition, and today all the videos were released!

Have you seen any of the videos yet? What did you think? Did you learn something new? Did something surprise you? Is there a presentation you want to highlight?

I found DHH's Q&A keynote presentation fascinating, thought-provoking and hilarious all at once, and shared my thoughts as I watched it on Twitter:

Share your thoughts. Let's discuss together!

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Spencer Tweedy

I've only watched half of it so far but I've really enjoyed the DHH keynote interview. This quote struck me so much I wrote it down:

“If you’re investing your ego into [i wanna be hot shit] you’re gonna have a bad time because nothing stays the hot shit forever. so for me personally, why am i still working on ruby on rails after 17 years? because the hot shit was a side show. the main shit was what i just talked about. the bliss of getting to do ruby on rails for two weeks straight walking out with the biggest grin on my face at five oclock because I got to work in this amazing environment, that’s the main attraction. when the main attraction is your own intrinsic motivation, the other stuff can come and go.”