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Ben Greenberg
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Collaboration on Open Source Projects: What Works and What Doesn't?

Are you a contributor to open source projects on Github or elsewhere? Are you a maintainer? What has worked for you in effectively collaborating across time zones, and oftentimes, across cultures? How do you strive to not offend? To be welcoming? To be welcomed? If you are a contributor what makes you run away from a project and what makes you embrace it in the surrounding culture? If you are a maintainer, what helped enable your rise to leadership and what kind of culture sustains your high level of participation?

I will be presenting next month at an open source conference in Tel Aviv on the topic of effective communication strategies for open source collaboration and I would love to hear your stories of what has worked for you and what has not. Please feel free to share active projects that you feel really represents a culture of inclusivity, welcoming and good communication.

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Hunter Drum

Unfortunately, I haven't yet worked with any sort of group/organization. So my reply might be a little boring

As a maintainer, I typically just put how to contribute to the project & wait for the pull requests to come in. After reviewing them, I merge. (nothing fancy)

My Android app has been a good example of this. People see my app on FDroid, they wanna add their idea, and they make pull requests

As a contributor, I just browse the source code & issues, and look for something I can make a pull request for. (again, nothing fancy)

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Ben Greenberg Author

Your reply is definitely not boring and I appreciate you writing in!

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Yechiel Kalmenson

Don't have anything to add, but I'm looking forward to watching the talk!

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