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My Keyboard and Mouse

benpai profile image Benjamin Grant ・1 min read

Hey, so I recently got a new keyboard and mouse, one I've wanted for a while since seeing Google's new Pixel Slate tablet and it's nice round keys. What I've got now is the Logitech K380, and a Logitech M720 mouse to go along with it.
I love it so much with the rounded keys, I even recreated it with CSS.

What are your thoughts on rounded keys? What keyboard/mouse are you currently using? Let us know below!


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I am a mechanical keyboard snob. Right now I have a WSAD Hyperfuse Origins, a WSAD Code w/out numpad that easily fits in my backpack, and a pre-production Uniqey Q100 I bought from my coworker before he left. The Hyperfuse is definitely my favorite, I love the Cherry MX Blue switches, loud and provide a lot of feedback. Coworkers do not like them as much, haha.

I just used whatever the cheapest wireless mouse was for the longest time. I bought a Razer DeathAdder Elite and have enjoyed it a lot, I am actually looking for another Razer mouse right now because my MBP decided it doesn't want to communicate with Bluetooth devices ever since I installed Mojave.


Haha I've never liked mechanical keyboards myself, but I can see why the physical feedback from them can be satisfying. My devices disconnect about 2-3 times a day from my machine with Mojave as well, can be quite frustrating. The Bluetooth seems very temperamental.


Mojave has been the most frustrating Mac experience I have had so far. Switching away from Google Chrome improved the situation a lot, but I was having issues with drastic CPU spikes causing my fans to sound like an idling 747. I still have a 2013 MBP and it's becoming kind of evident that its days are numbered. I really need to upgrade to 16GB of RAM, but I am screwed courtesy of the soldered RAM modules. I love OS X, but personally I am not willing to pay for a new one. I got this one for free from my dad as a parting gift when he moved to a new state, and I'm looking at $3000 for a new MBP that satisfies the specs I desire and could get from a Windows machine at half the price. I'm sad about it, but I think it means I will find my happy path with a combination of Windows 10 and Linux.


These :-)

Logitech Marathon M705 as a mouse
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop as a keyboard

Both RF, not Bluetooth.

The mouse is fine, the keyboard is weird if you come from a Mac standard keyboard but I'm getting used to it. I also switched the Win and the Alt using Karabiner Elements

I chose them because I had issues with the Apple's bluetooth keyboard and the trackpad, they kept getting disconnected. The drawback with RF is that I noticed the range is lower than BT's


Interesting. I don't know if I could use a keyboard like that as I can't touch type properly, one hand does most of the typing across the keyboard.


I'm not the greatest at touch typing, though I do it. It took a while to adjust because of the different layout but you'd manage as I did.

It's true that the right hand does more work than the left hand. I've never thought about it hahaha.

Thanks for the reply!