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Thank you for my first blog post ever and what should i write next?

Bernhard Wittmann
Student - Developer - Productivity Tool Junkie - Privacy Enthusiast - Astronomy Geek
Updated on ・1 min read

Last week I got inspired by Rachels post on starting a blog

Therefore I sat down and wrote my first blog post ever last sunday 💪🏻

And I'm astonished by the appreciation it got with over 800 views and 150 new followers. It will even be added to the Vue.js Developers newsletter 🎉.

I don't know whether this is much or not for this platform. Nevertheless I'm thrilled!

Therefore I wanted to say thank you for the appreciation and this motivation-boost.

I also want to use this opportunity to start writing more. So i want to know:

What are some topics you would like to hear about?

I think I'm quite experienced in Vue and webdev in general therefore I want to give something back and share my knowledge. I'd be glad to hear about your ideas on some topics 😊

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natalie stroud

Hey thanks for helping me on that CSS issue I had! I really appreciate it. And congratulations for all of the feedback on your first post! I've had the same experience. I just logged on and I have 8 notifications already. :o