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I generally prefer coding in the evenings as I find I'm more productive with less distractions. I usually have my "ah-ha" moments in the day time and put them in to practice in the evenings.


I'm generally a more productive coder later in the day, but I'm a more productive thinker in the morning. Sometimes it takes me a while to get past thinking and onto doing.


Same! I do most of my planning/process work in the morning. But if I start coding in the evening I can easily go until 2 AM.


Hmm I code during the day because I have to, but I code / make during nighttime because I like to :D Generally more productive at night though so I have to compensate with caffeine during daytime.


After many many many attempts at coding from 12AM to 5AM (even waking up in the evening) I can safely say that coding in the morning is much more productive.

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