Hopes and dreams for 2020

bertilmuth profile image Bertil Muth ・1 min read

What are your personal hopes and dreams for the new year, no matter if realistic or not?


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I'm currently learning Node.JS, and hoping to understand the whole concept of it.


Sweet! Feel free to ask anything if you have any challenges


I'm moving into a DevOps role at my current place so I am super excited about helping the whole department achieve this goal!

  • New remote job
  • $100k saved/invested
  • Complete book
  • 1000 book sales
  • BDD
  • Relearn React & learn GraphQL
  • 1 video a week - tutorial channel
  • 1 video a week - Making it in Africa
  • Hire first devs & build up an idea I've been having for a while
  • Putting myself out there
  • Giving a talk (on dev or entrepreneurship)
  • Networks. Networks. Networks
  • Make new friends
  • Live life
  • More risks. Less stress
  • Workout. Be healthier