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Bennett Dungan
Bennett Dungan

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At work, do you have planned roundups with coworkers to discuss new and/or unfamiliar coding concepts?

Im newer at my place of work and the skill gap is fairly large between myself and my coworkers. I was thinking of having a weekly 'roundup' of sorts where either I or someone else has a concept on the agenda to discuss. For instance, I just discovered what 'currying' is in Javascript and would love to discuss it with the others and see if there are ways we can implement it into our projects.

Does anyone else have these sorts of meetups with their coworkers to get on the same page knowledge-wise? If so, how are they typically structured?

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Cubicle Buddha

Yes! I ran a monthly meeting at my company where we have people (who signed up ahead) present some technology or technique they’re excited about. Walk-ins are welcome of course. The meeting is really rejuvenating for me (who thrives on teaching), and I often end up learning something myself. :)

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Yechiel Kalmenson

My team has a weekly "Tech Forum" where one of us will get up and present a topic. It can be a component we're using or working on, something another team is working on, some tech topic, or just to discuss our process and how to improve.

Some of our best discussions as a team were at those forums.

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Bennett Dungan

Thats great to hear! I talked about doing something similar with my boss after posting this and he was all about it. He even suggested we go offsite to a coffeeshop so we don't have any distractions.