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DRC Survey I: DevRel Salaries and Specializations by Country

DevRel Salaries and Specializations by Country

We think this is a plot many expect to see. It is probably in line with the expectations most people hold. That said, if you’re in a country where there’s at least a small sample, it’s helpful to get a ballpark figure. We have redacted some countries with extremely small samples or in some cases, only a single respondent, in order to preserve anonymity.

The plot demonstrates that the highest reported salaries are in the United States, with the UK in second place. We can also see that the countries with the highest salaries have the widest spreads. A couple reminders: for display purposes, the salaries were converted to US dollars. And the plot should be read while bearing in mind that the infrastructure of countries varies widely, meaning that public healthcare, the cost of education, and other quality-of-life factors can strongly affect the budgetary needs of individuals by region.

Area of Expertise / Type of Community / Job Domain

The top ten answers to the question “What technical communities are you focused on in your current role?” are below, ranked in descending order. The question was multi-select.

This overlapping nature of answers made it challenging to draw conclusions about which specialties are directly responsible for which salary differences on the individual level. We’ve included the top ten answers, ranked from most-frequent to least-frequent however.

  1. Open source
  2. Cloud
  3. API
  4. Developer tooling
  5. DevOps
  6. Web
  7. SaaS
  8. Internal DevRel
  9. Mobile
  10. Data science

Most responses selected multiple options, which was not too surprising. Over half of all respondents self-reported as being currently focused on “Open Source”, regardless of whether the person was based in the US (54%) or outside the US (57%). “Cloud” and “API” came in close behind as seen in the table below

Technical specialties by location

*What technical communities are you focused on in your current role?Please select all applicable options.”

Aggregate US-based non-US based
Open Source 56% 54% 57%
Cloud 54% 54% 55%
API 47% 44% 50%
Developer tooling 44% 44% 44%
DevOps 42% 47% 36%

The specialty rankings (shown here for all respondents, plus segmented by region) were fairly consistent across US and non-US based responses.



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Conclusion and Takeaways

Appendix A: | Appendix B:

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