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10 Productivity Hacks for Developers

These hacks (quick tips) would help in getting Efficient at work and plan our day to achieve maximum productivity without increasing the amount of time spent on work.

1) Momentum - Eliminate Distraction & beat Procrastination
image This is my favorite chrome extension as it enables to focus on important tasks of the day. We no longer get distracted on opening new tab but are focused to complete our priority tasks. Best Part is its FREE

2) Session Buddy - Brower Tabs Manager imageDevelopers often have multiple tabs open when searching solutions , and if by mistake browser window gets closed then all that effort is gone . Session Buddy will save our important chrome session.

3) Auto Import - Imports made easy
image Often we have to struggle with relative path (../..) of files , while importing them in other files , Auto Import VS code extension completes the import statements for us.

4) ScreenToGif - Record demos in a breeze
Windows does not have a inbuilt way to Record GIFs. Often for recording demos we don't prefer videos as its too heavy for simple tasks. After experimenting with many solutions to record GIFs, finally ScreenToGif worked well. Thankyou @NickeManarin for this amazing software. And Best Part is that its FREE

5) JR Screen Ruler - Pixel Perfect Spacing Issues
This Virtual Ruler accurately measures anything on screen.

6) Pocket - Put Knowledge in your Pocket
Often while reading about articles or watching videos , we want to save it for future reference and continue reading it from mobile. The content collected appears across all your devices in a clean, distraction-free space—there to read when you’re ready, whether at home, at work, or on the go.

7) - Share Images of Source Code
This a great tool to create code snippets to be shared on blogs or any social media. Various Light & Dark mode themes are available to create images of code snippets in different formats.

8) Code Radio : 24*7 Music Station for Coders
Listen to curated, non-vocal and distraction-free music to increase your productivity and focus while coding. There are no commercials to interrupt your flow and its FREE.

9) Visualize Git : Understand Git with Visualization

Whenever I am stuck with a git issue , this visualizer helps me in understanding git through power of visualization. This is achieved through a game with different levels to get acquainted with the different git commands.

10) Pomodoro Work & Stretch - Secret to Effective Time Management
Thinking in terms of tomatoes (Pomodoro is Italian for tomato 🍅) rather than hours has really helped me to have focused work sessions with short break to stretch. Now a days this is extremely important not have mental fatigue with sustained concentration. Learn more how Pomodoro Technique can make us productive, more focused and even smarter.

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Joseph Maurer

I think Pomodoro is the best on this list! Pretty essential for anyone who works at a desk all day

allanshady profile image
Allan Camilo

Thanks! I'll try momentum

drparadox profile image

Code radio is need of the hour, I hope it will also help suppressing background Voices
Definitely will try that

testgtfsgsfsdfd profile image

Very interesting collection of resources bhupendra! I'll try some of them out, specifically the distraction and code radio ones (:

bhupendra1011 profile image

Cool , do check out the 10th one , Pomodoro technique is very effective way of working for distraction free

devfranpr profile image

I hear a lot of people talking about the Pomodoro routine. Is it as good as they say?