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Bhupesh Varshney ๐Ÿ‘พ
Bhupesh Varshney ๐Ÿ‘พ

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Internet for Developers

Here are my recommendations for some internet communities/social media to follow as a developer.This list is a personal suggestion so if you find any more, please comment them below.

Where programmers share ideas and help each other grow. It is an online community for sharing and discovering great ideas, having debates, and making friends. Anyone can share articles, questions, discussions, etc. as long as they have the rights to the words they are sharing. Cross-posting from your own blog is welcome.

This platform does what it says in itโ€™s About Page, one of the best communities for any kind of developer out there.

DEV is everything for everyone.

  • you are a beginner looking for connections, DEV is for you,
  • you are a professional developer wanting to mentor fellow juniors, DEV is for you.
  • want to blog, DEV is for you.
  • want to learn programming, DEV is for you.
  • want to post jobs, DEV is for you.
  • want to promote your side-projects, DEV is for you.


Itโ€™s a palace for makers, you can find here some cool stuff which you may not while googling.

From turning your Google Spreadsheets to an API to finding domain names using AI, you will find crazy a** stuff here.


What? Telegram Seriously?

Yes, I feel itโ€™s sometimes better than Whats App (itโ€™s a long debate, just leave it)There are some interesting channels and groups you can follow being a dev.

Some of them which I follow :

BTW if you want to connect to me on Telegram, I am @bhupeshimself


Twitter is a nice social platform for connecting with people, there are some awesome developers out there on Twitter which provide great motivation.

I think the Developer ecosystem is far better on Twitter than any other social media (like facebook, Insta)You will also find the trend of #100daysofcode & #30daysofcode here.

Hacker News

Itโ€™s a slightly different platform, I use it for out-of-the-box tech news which you do not find easily on your social media feed.I use the following Android App for reading Hacker News on the go.

Stack Overflow

You would have obviously heard of it right ?, place where programmers copy stuff from?But do you have a profile on SO ? No, go make it.

Making a presence on SO would probably help you in long run(I am talking like I have been on SO for years ๐Ÿ˜†, but seriously).

  • You would get to know how this community works (from which you have been Ctrl + Cing for a while now).
  • Employers might notice if you have a SO profile.
  • You learn new things when you help someone.

Go do it now, it would surely benefit you.


Itโ€™s a tech-news website just like Hacker News, you can definitely add it to your bookmarks for daily tech stories or you can just download their Android, iOS Apps.


You would have probably read articles/stories on HackerNoon before, they pop up frequently.

But do you knew you can write for free on HackerNoon, read can receive articles from HackerNoon every week direct on your mailbox too, subscribe to their newsletter.You can also join their Community here.


If you are thinking to learn programming this year, I would recommend you to surely checkout freeCodeCamp, they have a ton of free guided courses which teach you from absolute basics, it also provides free certifications.

freeCodeCamp also has a publication system just like HackerNoon, it has more than 5000+ tutorials or if you want, you can write for freeCodeCamp, read here.

PS: Both the communities freeCodeCamp and HackerNoon used to publish their content(articles/tutorials) on Medium but they both now maintain their own services.

Do you have any more suggestions? did you liked mine ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ?Comment below ๐Ÿ‘‡

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Jason Ormes

I think I'd mention the good old IRC. There are tons of development channels on freenode.

tttfifo profile image
Todor Todorov

Wow! Nobody mentions IRC since... hmmm... forever now :)
Thanks for your comment, it reminded me to open my weechat IRC application in my console (note: no gui, just console :)
Cheers, Jason!

tomavelev profile image

Here is my list:
I recently am trying to interact with developers about Flutter on FB. The worst social platform for developers in my opinion is insta - too visual, only a place to republish, just in case ๐Ÿ˜

bhupesh profile image
Bhupesh Varshney ๐Ÿ‘พ

Agree FB would be my last choice

plaoo profile image
Paolo Monni
epsi profile image
E.R. Nurwijayadi

Sure telegram.

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