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Tobias Nickel

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What to do with abandoned projects? BrowserSync

Browser sync let you view your app in multiple sizes and even multiple devices at once. Navigsting in one of the windows, All other windows will perform the same action.

BrowserSync is an openSource project of the company jh.

When I tried eleventy for the first time, it serve the ssg site via browser-sync. I found an issue about a broken link, that leads to a potentially dangerouse fraudulent website.

I created an issue, as asked on browsersyncs website.

Now some time went by, and it seems more and more issues pile up. not answered.

What do you think can we do? The tool is very cool, but it should also be safe and secure to use.

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Happens to a lot of projects. Priorities change and it's easy to get carried away with new, better ideas πŸ˜‰