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Frontend Knowledge Pills


As I'm constantly searching for ways how to share Frontend related knowledge, I created Knowledge Pills on my website.

💊 What is this all about? 💊

👉 Code snippets with explanations.
👉 All the tips & tricks related to Frontend, e.g. outline HTML elements for easier layout building or learn how to create neat custom hooks in React.
👉 Blogs are usually longer and need more time to traverse.
👉 With pills, you get an example codesandbox application, code snippet itself with explanation/summary.

The main point is to keep them short, they should be more of a reference when you need to learn smaller concepts.

I hope you like the idea as I'm investing some of my time into that, I'll be happy for any proposals for new pills as well feedback on existing ones.

Enjoy the 💊


I'm thinking about creating YT video series - building projects from my website, step-by-step, modern technologies, best coding practices with a thorough explanation.

If you enjoy the content and like the idea, Buy me a pizza.
Let's reach that goal together. 😊

Thanks for all the support!

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Top comments (9)

grahamthedevrel profile image

I like it, a great way of presenting simple concepts. I especially appreciate not having to wade through a load of text to find the bit I need.

Although I have to admit I would have called them "quick bytes" of similar as I am a fan of puns!

My only question as a first time visitor to your site is what do the ducks represent? Complexity?

bigsondev profile image

Yes 🙈

frontendengineer profile image
Let's Code

I subscribe to your newsletter. The articles there were well written.

I made a youtube channel recently trying to help out the community as well, here is the link if anyone is interested to check it out.

alimobasheri profile image
MirAli Mobasheri

I really liked your idea. You just got a frequent user!😄

alarid profile image
Yohann Legrand

Awesome idea man ! Cheers for that !

vtexperts profile image
Tom Brown

Suggestion: use "Take pill" instead of "Eat pill"

rajasegar profile image
Rajasegar Chandran

I love the rating duckies, great idea btw

eibrahimquiet profile image

is it an open source project

bigsondev profile image
BigsonDev • Edited

No, I do it all by myself based on my mentees needs. At least for now, however, if it grows I could expand it into open-source, which would work nicely with more collaborators.