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The best Easter Egg you ever did leave

Where I work, a developer left an Easter Egg long ago where if you came to our ERP self service dashboard by way of 302 and had an expired SSO cookie, you'd be greeted by a little page saying "Dude, you got no cookie." Luckily it was a rare occurrence, and flew under the radar for a long long time.

Recently I reimplemented that middleware component. Part of the project requirement was removing that message. To keep the spirit of the Easter egg alive though, I have Dude you have no cookie written to the console instead. I feel good about what I've done. I think Easter Eggs in code are an important part of the job.

Does anyone have a story about an Easter Egg they've written or found that was particularly delightful?

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I was working on this internal web application and one day I decided to add a snake game that could be started by entering the Konami code. The team and product owner where on board with the idea and whenever somebody would join the team, one of the first things we told them was that there was an easter egg in that app and we challenged them to find it.

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Yechiel Kalmenson

Not much of an easter egg, but all of my projects write my contact info to the console (with a different email address than my usual one, so I know where the person contacting me came from).

Also, back when I was job hunting I implemented a little thing to my portfolio site where I can add a parameter to the URL which would trigger a pop-up with the name of the company (or person) I was applying at with a fun message. You can check that out here

Side point: I don't get the websites who write a message to the effect of "hey, if you found this message you should come work for us, visit us at". If your point is to make me feel like some kind of badass for finding the message the least you could do is make me feel like I made it into some secret club by sending me to some specialized career page...

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I agree with your side point, though it never seemed that impressive to me for them to want to hire me after only hitting f12.

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Nicolás Danelón

I write a react native app, when you go to your profile and tap 10 times in your name the app shows you the build version and the code version. is not a big deal but is my first Easter egg in production

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Valentin Pearce

My friend and I had to write a game in Python as an assignment. All but one of the controls are displayed in the "Game Manual" pannel and it asks for a cheatcode.

There are currently only three :

  • One that spawns a special monster to your position (it was used for testing)
  • One that gives you the ultimate healing item (obtainable only through this code)
  • One that levels you up to the max level and give you the best weapon

If you type something that is not a cheatcode, you get a message saying "Don't cheat if you don't know how to!"

Unfortunately, this was not in the assignment version so we have no idea if anyone other than us has played it and found it.

If you have a bit of spare time, try it and tell us if you found them (or just read the source code ;) )

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Ben Sinclair