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Better estimate your features

  • Take time to consider planning the project, breaking down into tasks, & creating some groundwork. (2-3D)
  • Writing in TDD format. Red-green-refactor. (Depends on project and dev experience)
  • Design completeness. (2-3D)
  • Design rework. (Depends)
  • Content completeness. (1-2D)
  • Content rework. (Depends)
  • Creating proper test situation for local/stage testing (sometimes for some features there needs to be some groundwork done before that feature can be tested). (Depends, sometimes .5D, to 3-4D)
  • Oncall shift.
  • Unseen p0 items. (Depends)
  • Vacation timeoff. (Depends)
  • Sick timeoff. (Depends)
  • Coworkers not having access to environment. (3-7D)
  • KT incase you are taking timeoff and there is a replacement in your place. (1D)
  • Coworkers who you have dependency on taking timeoffs. (2-3D)
  • Design reveiw.(2-3D)
  • Content review.(1-2D)
  • Internal testing.(1W)
  • Documentation.(2-3D)
  • Create insights & queries.
  • Craft feature emails to send to eng team (1D)
  • Create PPTs and other forms of comms for higher leadership to demo the feature (1-2D).
  • Adhoc interviews if you need to take them
  • Mandatory adhoc courses
  • Your new code breaking existing test cases

p.s1 Not all of these may be applicable for every feature, for example a small feature with <=2 storypoint may not need all of these considerations, but this framework would still help.

p.s2 The estimates given above are assuming a mid sized project (2-3 months).

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