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Contribute to BitcartCC this Hacktoberfest

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BitcartCC is an open-source self-hosted all-in-one cryptocurrency solution.

It can be used as an SDK for custom apps, via Merchants API, via ready admin panel, store or ready integrations.


Learn more at https://bitcartcc.com

Hacktoberfest has started and we have prepared lots of issue descriptions for it!

Not sure how to start? Here are some steps:

  1. Try to understand what we are trying to solve and how BitcartCC works. Documentation is published here https://docs.bitcartcc.com

  2. Go through the CONTRIBUTING guide:
    Try to run BitcartCC from the source.

  3. Find an interesting issue to solve.
    Go through the open issues listed here. You can choose anyone from an existing open issue or propose/create a new issue if you feel something is missing and want to improve. The first-timer issues are tagged with good-first-issue labels. Such issues are simpler and comparatively easy to fix. So you can start with that.
    Feel free to join BitcartCC Telegram group at https://t.me/bitcartcc and raise questions, discuss anything.

Happy hacking 🚀

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Based on many technologies, we aim to provide easy-to-use and install ready APIs, SDKs and apps to accept and use cryptocurrency


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